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TheWiSpy Review – Is TheWiSpy a Worth Buying Spy App for Android?

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TheWiSpy Review – Is TheWiSpy a Worth Buying Spy App for Android?

If you are a concerned parent who wants to monitor their children’s phone actions, then using a spy app for android could be among the most effective tools available. Children today aren’t only being targeted on the internet by cyberbullies, but there could even be predators who want to inflict or harm them. It’s the primary reason there’s a growing concern among parents who want to ensure that their children are secure on the internet.

One of the top software for spying is TheWiSpy, it works to provide parents with the security they’re searching for with the ability to watch and record what’s taking place on the phone. Not only it is an excellent tool to control children online behavior, but it also is an extremely useful tool for employers to keep an eye on their employees.

So, how effective is TheWiSpy? Does it seem worth buying? This review will walk you through how this phone spy application operates and what options are available to utilize.

What is TheWiSpy, and how TWS works?

TheWiSpy is known as the quality cell phone spy app that lets you to track the various activities on your device. It operates secretly by using stealth mode on your phone in question by sending all of the data to a web-based portal without informing users that they’re being observed. It can also be described as a lightweight application that has a minimal memory footprint.

This means that TWS won’t use the mobile battery quickly in a short spam. TheWiSpy is known as a secure spy app that doesn’t interfere in your personal data. You can access stored information anytime through the dashboard and even download files when needed.

TheWiSpy Features:

You need to look out for spying features before deciding if it’s worthy. TheWiSpy is a feature-rich application that you can use to spy flawlessly.

Call Recording:

Parents and spouses who wish to find out about their loved ones’ phone call activity will find this helpful feature. This is important to make sure that they aren’t in contact with strangers who can harm them. With TWS android spyware, you can view the call logs of the target that they received or made.

Apart from providing you with the capability to review call logs along with the actual duration of calls or callers’ details, TWS can even record every phone call by the phone in question so you can hear the conversations they have. This will give you a picture of the people your kids are talking to and what is discussed.

Message Spying:

The spyware will give you access to spy the text messages that are sent or received on your child’s phone using the message spying feature. It allows you to read complete conversations, including attached documents, pictures, and videos.

Social Media Spy:

The cell phone spy app TheWiSpy lets you to spy on the digital activity of your child’s phone via social media apps for example, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, , and other. This is an essential feature for any spyware app since almost everyone relies on instant messaging applications to communicate rather than SMS messages.

In essence, TheWiSpy collects the data to social media apps via Keylogger and push notifications to monitor the messages that are sent by the device. This way, you’ll have the ability to look up the following data on the device being monitored without the owner’s knowledge.

  • All messages exchanged via social media applications are accessible
  • Chats or video calls history
  • Live feed such as posts and stories uploaded recently
  • Friend list
  • Ability to block accounts

Web Browser History Spy:

TheWiSpy provides you with an extensive history of your target’s browser to let you know the presence of possibly harmful websites through their mobiles. Using this function, you can determine when you should intervene and protect your children. For example, you can spy android phones remotely, view saved cookies, and fetch downloaded files. In addition, you can block websites that have harmful material or are addictive.

Location Spying:

Another powerful smart feature is TheWiSpy’s capability to monitor the location of your phone in real-time using the GPS function built into the phone. This lets you take a look at where your kids are in the past, where they’ve been, or if they’re engaging in a shameful act.


With the inclusion of GPS tracking capabilities, TWS even lets you create boundaries or limits in a map using geofencing. For example, parents can designate safe zones that children are frequently visiting and, when the spy app for android senses the phone is outside of this zone, it instantly sends you an alert to keep you informed of your child’s whereabouts.


TheWiSpy is the best app to spy android phones remotely, and it offers high compatibility. It is essential to ensure that a spy app is compatible with the target device because there’s no point wasting money on an app that won’t even work on the phone. You don’t have to worry because if you have a 4.0 operating system or above, you’re good to go.

TheWiSpy Pricing:

TheWiSpy offers three price plans for the users so they can start spying. Indeed every customer comes with a different need; that’s why versatility is essential in a cell phone spy app.

·         Basic Plan:

The basic plan of TWS offers standard features like the message and call spying, GPS location spying, and more. Moreover, you can get a subscription to this plan in three periods such as, in $19.99 for one month, $29.99 for three months, and $49.99 for six months.

·         Premium Plan:

TWS has a premium plan that has remote features such as call recording, camera spy, surround recording, and more. It is available for $29.99 for a month, $49.99 for three months, and $79.99 for six months.

·         Platinum Plan:

TheWiSpy has introduced the platinum plan that includes updated features that supports the latest technology. Social media is impacting kids’ lives, and it’s a headache that parents cannot spy on them.

But don’t stress out because you can spy on any social media platform you want in real-time using this plan. The subscription of platinum plan is obtainable in $49.99 for a month, $79.99 for three months, and $119.99 for six months.

Installing and Setting up TheWiSpy:


You might think that the android spy app remote installation is possible, but not in spy app’s case.

Don’t worry. You can follow the guide and set up TheWiSpy on target device in no time.

To install anything, you’ll first need to buy a plan on the TWS website. To get this, you’ll require to carefully following these steps:

  • Click on the Sign Up option on the website, type into your email address, create a password, and click Register Now. 
  • Get the subscription of a plan that fulfill the needs and budget.
  • Once you’ve completed your payment process and provided the information requested by TheWiSpy, then click Continue to finish the setup.

After you’ve set TheWiSpy login credentials, then you’ll need to install the application on your targeted phone.

Installing Android Spyware:

  • Open a web browser and use the link provided by TheWiSpy via email. 
  • Then click to install the spyware.
  • Read the privacy policies carefully and then click agree after the installation is finished.
  • You can enable the stealth mode and leave the target phone.
  • Start Monitoring right away to get access to their cell phone information and activities remotely.

TheWiSpy Dashboard:

The dashboard of TheWiSpy is the web interface where you can spy and control the target device remotely. The control panel has a simple structure where all features are listed, and you can get any stored or real-time information you need. For example, you can stay updated on your child’s current location by signing up on your mobile or laptop. You’re required to tap on the features, and you’ll receive data in seconds.

Customer Service:

Our research has found that TheWiSpy spy app for android has primarily favorable reviews about their customer support. It provides 24/7 support to help you solve any problem or issue, making it the best software to spy android phones remotely in the marketplace. Additionally, you can email the app provider to reach technical support and expect to receive a response in less than 48 hours.

Final Verdict:

Spy applications have become increasingly important for various setups, and here we offer a detailed review of the most worthwhile options. If you require an app for spying to ensure your security and discipline, then TheWiSpy could be among the most effective spy applications. The majority of TheWiSpy reviews on the internet are favorable as a testament to the program’s quality.

It has advanced and updated features that will ensure an unforgettable spying experience.  TheWiSpy is a decent application with numerous features to help you keep track of your children and your partner or employees and can prove to be highly beneficial in a range of scenarios.