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Things To Consider Before Becoming a First Responder in Australia

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Things To Consider Before Becoming a First Responder in Australia

Before becoming a first responder in Australia, it is important to consider all aspects of the job and the risks that are involved. First responders include police, firefighters, and ambulance personnel. They respond to all calls that go through the emergency number and are the first on the scene of accidents, fires, thefts, and other emergencies. It is necessary to consider the pay, the benefits, and the risks that are associated with the jobs, as well as the personal rewards of helping those who need it most. You will also need to earn a Certificate 3 in Public Safety, before moving forward with your new career. Certificates will continue to be a major part of your growth and payscale as a first responder. 


The beginning salary for those in training is lower than for some other careers, but the earning potential grows as you remain committed to the job and continue training. The more training that is acquired, the more skills you are able to access and prepare for promotions and increases in pay. Before any career change or entering the workforce for the first time, it is necessary to have a guide of how much you will need to make to live on.

The longer you remain in the career, the more responsibility and pay you will receive, even over $100,000 in some cases. These positions can keep retirement an attainable goal for anyone who can put in the years required. 


Many of these positions come with other benefits like flexible schedules, regular days off, teams that you work with and can be supportive of each other, as well as insurance programs. Some of these will have financial benefits, while others are not based on financials but on intrinsic rewards. Life insurance and disability insurance are often still part of the benefits packages in these positions as they are higher risk, even as office jobs are finding their own benefits decreasing. 


Each of the first responder jobs, both in Australia and around the world, can be dangerous positions to have. As the first to respond to emergency calls, they are the first to assess the situation and determine the needs of those who are there, all while under the pressure of acting quickly and decisively. It is a stressful position and requires a steady hand and bravery to go towards the danger rather than away, with an increased risk of injury by being in dangerous situations frequently.

Personal Reward

The personal intrinsic rewards of these jobs are often the reason that people choose them. They are careers in which you help people, often at their worst moments, and can save lives both figuratively and literally. With medals for extraordinary performance, acknowledgment from employers and the general public, and a way to earn a living, making life better for many people will often appeal to people who don’t want desk jobs. It appeals to those who like to have unpredictable shifts, are fulfilling jobs, and want to be part of a community. People who thrive on each day being different may find first responder jobs that fit their needs.

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