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Tips to Outsource App Development in 2021

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Tips to Outsource App Development in 2021

Tips to Outsource App Development

Mobile apps are forecasted to generate around 935 billion U.S dollars in revenue by 2023. The stats also revealed that the app downloads in 2017 were 178 billion which is soon projected to grow to 258 billion in 2022. Having a mobile app is quite an imperative decision to bring significant differences in customer retention rates and adding value to the brand. The most imperative thing is to have a great team to get your development in place.

There can be two ways outs to develop your feature-enriched mobile applications, either having an in-house team of experts or outsourcing the development through a strong team of dedicated developers. An in-house team may cost you much but outsourcing is not just saving you some cost but also cuts down any extra efforts to manage the team and afford the infrastructure cost too!

In-house development vs Outsourcing

In House Development-

First of all, we will discuss how an in-house development team can have unseen advantages. You will have a team of professionals you can count on, looking over their peculiarities. You can have complete control over the app development process as the team will be working in front of you or working in the office. Though the same had a set of drawbacks too! An in-house team of app developers is expensive, it’s not just the headcount cost but also the hidden costings which includes infrastructure costings, internet connection, and all the sundry expenses which come along with a single resource. Plus, you need to find specialist developers and provide them with higher salaries. Moreover, a fixed team brings a limited scope of knowledge and experience which can be a tough situation for you to make them understand the requirements and work at the same time and again. In-house development can be a bright idea when you have something huge in-store or your idea is to develop something big!


Outsourcing App Development-

Outsourcing is getting yourself options out of the limited scope of resources you have. It involves a wide range of skills and a wealth of experience. Though outsourcing can bring you more specialists at work without having them included in your company’s headcount. You can get the best minds at work and get a high-quality product delivered for you. The drawback of outsourcing includes less control, wherein you can keep a check on the working team instead you need to get involved in follow-ups and strictly review your project timelines. Outsourcing is way cheaper than an in-house team of developers. Even if you decide to hire an outsourcing company based in the costliest country the USA, it will still be a cheaper option than to house a team of developers. The options to outsource development includes-

  • Hiring a development company
  • Hiring freelance developers
  • Choose to go with an off-the-shelf software solution

What are the possible steps for outsourcing app development?

Right from the concept of testing to constantly updating, outsourcing software development means that you have a dedicated team working on your project. Here are the right set of steps for outsourcing app development-

  • Know your requirements

Knowing what exactly you need should be topping the list. Before you start looking for app development options it’s better to understand your requirements for once. If you don’t know the right requirements, it would be a tough decision which can lead to wasting your time and money. Here are the essential questions you must consider before finalizing the outsourcing development company-

  • Know your target customer
  • What’s the purpose of developing your mobile app
  • What are the essential features you require
  • What sort of app you’re introducing, free or paid?
  • What’s your monetization strategy
  • Which app you require, native or hybrid?


  • Choose the most suited development option

There is no one option work of all scenarios! It mostly depends on your specified requirements and pretty much on your budget. Choose wisely to either consider app development through specified agencies, a freelancer, or the multiple app developers at different locations to have a versatile combination altogether. Moreover, this should complement your strategy and market research.

  • Find Options for relevant experience

More experience is always a better choice. Find the best-experienced developers relevant to your app development process. Look if the app developers you’re looking for have already developed similar applications in the past. Developers having a similar experience is always considered as a plus.

  • Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions from your developer. Clarify your queries while outsourcing your projects. It is better to know what you’ll be getting as the final product rather than staying in confusion. Ask the developer anything and everything that makes you feel comfortable enough, ask them their previous experience and the process they follow for completing the project.

  • Request a project plan

A project plan is important before you finalize the project. Exactly the way a prototype is prepared, a project plan is quite an imperative aspect. This plan prepares a timeline that helps for streamlining the development process and making it easier to complete the project by bifurcating it separately into smaller pieces.


Wrapping Up

Outsourcing mobile app development isn’t a piece of cake, you need to find the right mobile app development company in Sydney for getting started with your development process. There are a set of benefits of being associated with an outsourcing agency, a freelancer, or offshore developers. Always keep your requirements clear and precise and stay in contact with the developers building your app. Budget issues can still bother, try an app cost calculator, and have a rough idea about the entire costings and sorted!

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