Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Elderly Home Facilities

There are approximately 1.4 million senior citizens living in an elderly home facility in the U.S. But, this doesn’t mean that all communities are the same.

If you are thinking of finding a more comfortable home for your elderly loved one there is much to consider before making a final decision.

Read on to learn 5 of the most important factors when choosing elderly home facilities.

1. Stay Within a Budget

One of the biggest differences you will find is when comparing home costs. Several things will determine the cost including if the facility is a non-profit or for-profit community and if they accept certain medical insurance.

The living situation also affects the cost. If a private room, house, or apartment is needed then the price will increase. A shared living area will be cheaper.

Inclusiveness will also make the monthly price higher. For example, if there is a meal plan or a transportation service.

2. Consider the Type of Facility

When it comes to home facility options these will greatly depend on the type of home.

An assisted living community is for semi-active seniors who are independent but may need medical or physical assistance. However, a nursing home will provide more personalized medical care for specific needs.

Lastly, a retirement home or senior citizen community is for people who want the convenience of a structured facility without being dependent.

3. Location Is Important

Homes for seniors should be in a good location for several reasons. You want to be able to visit your loved one quickly and easily. The area will also make the living quarters more comfortable.

Look for places that aren’t near a main road and that have a gated entry as well as a security guard to ensure they are safe.

4. Think About Activities and Entertainment

An assisted living community isn’t all about doctor’s appointments and medical assistance. The elderly home amenities also are important to the mental health of your family member.

Many communities offer group activities, shuttle bus outings, and recreation areas to keep their residents entertained and social. This makes moving to a new place more fun and less of a downgrade.

5. Check Food Options

Finding a healthy meal that is also convenient will make mealtime easier, especially if your loved one has trouble standing for long periods or needs help grocery shopping.

See if the community has a cafeteria, test the food, and check its availability so that you know the quality and service of the elderly home staff who cook it.

Take Time Choosing Elderly Home Facilities

There are so many options when choosing elderly home facilities that it can be overwhelming. The important part is to never rush your decision. Visit several places and make a list of priorities.

No matter what home you choose for your loved one be sure to visit often. Living in an assisted living community shouldn’t feel like they are alone or that they lost their old life.

Let us know in the comments below the best qualities of some of the facilities you’ve seen so far.

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