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Top 5 gambling destinations for travellers

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Top 5 gambling destinations for travellers

Travelling is one of those things that you never regret spending money on. The same cannot be said about gambling. But what about doing both at the same time? There is a particular type of tourists who travel far away from their homes just to place bets in the most eminent casino halls in the world. Let’s try to find the best gambling destinations on Earth.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The very first spot that comes to mind is the famous Sin City located in the heart of the Nevada desert. The place is associated with nothing but gambling, and its Las Vegas Strip accumulates dozens of casino halls. Many Hollywood movies were filmed there and helped the city earn the world’s best-known gambling zone fame.

London, UK

Now we travel to Europe and make a stop in London. The city’s district West End gives home to such famous casinos as The Colony Club, Hippodrome and Horizons. Great Britain has a very gambling-friendly policy, and one of the world’s most reputable gambling commissions is also located there. You can get familiar with the list of UKGC certified online casinos on Exycasinos, for example.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

There is another spot in Europe famous for its gambling zone – Monaco. Monte Carlo Casino – is the heart of this tiny city-state, and it attracts billions of tourists, even those who have zero interest in poker or roulette. With its classic architecture, it became scenery for one of James Bond movies. Gamblers who were lucky to play at this club claim that was the most authentic gambling experience ever.

Macau, China

We are done with Europe. Let’s move to Asia. The most notable place there is Macau. Gambling is forbidden fruit in China, but Macau is a special zone where forbidden comes permitted. The casinos that are worth visiting are The Venetian, Grand Lisboa and Wynn Macau. Some people call Macau an Asian Las Vegas, but the truth is it earns way more money than the American one.

Marina Bay, Singapore

We end our journey in Singapore. The city-state doesn’t have many casinos, but it deserves to be noted as the world’s most expensive gambling facility is located there at Marina Bay. The place called Sands Resorts has four floors of gaming space with more than 2,300 slot machines, and it’s the largest casino hall on the planet. There are thousands of gambling options there, but any player should never forget that gambling must always remain responsible.

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