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Top Investments for 2023

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Top Investments for 2023


Many people want to invest in different things and don’t always know what to invest in. You could invest in stocks and bonds, or you could invest in precious metals. You could also invest in stocks, bonds, and precious metals by getting a precious metals IRA. In this way you could have all the investments that you want in one IRA.

There are many places that you could purchase precious metals for a gold IRA that are reputable, but you want to read reviews to see which places other people find helpful. You could read the reviews Patriot Gold Group has and see what they have to say. They might be the dealer that you choose to work with after you read their reviews. 

This article will help you to see what others are investing in – stocks, bonds, and precious metals. It lists some of the top things that people are investing in this year and can help you to decide if they are what you want, as well. If you are getting started in investing, this article could help you to decide what you want.

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  1. Precious Metals – You could start with precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the favorites. These can be costly, but they hold their value through the toughest of times. The value has only changed less than $100 in the last year. There are some drawbacks to investing in precious metals – if you are adding them to a gold IRA they need to meet purity standards set forth by the IRS. 
  2. Comcast – Even though the cable industry has slowed down a little bit in the last few years due to fiber and wireless networks, Comcast is still a viable investment. Comcast should be able to limit their losses in the broadband market to competitors. In the coming years they should enjoy pricing power because they have a solid balance sheet that has allowed them to buy back shares and pay out decent dividends. Check here to see the price of these stock, and others at the moment: https://www.wsj.com/market-data/stocks. These prices are subject to change at any time. 
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  1. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is the world’s largest manufacturer of contract chips. It was in the news lately when billionaire Warren Buffet dumped much of his stock in the company. Although uncertainty may follow into 2023, it is still thought that this company is an undervalued company. The company plans to expand around the world soon and that could bolster confidence in the company. 
  2. Roche Holding – This company’s holdings in the pharmaceutical arena and diagnostics that lead the industry provide noteworthy competitive advantages. The healthcare giant is in a great position to lead healthcare into a more personalized, therefore safer, endeavor. With its focuses on biologics this will help it to continue to achieve growth.
  3. Walt Disney – Walt Disney is continuing to restructure under its returning CEO Bob Iger. He continues to cut costs by reducing staff and reducing spending on nonsports contents. They are restructuring in three major areas – ESPN, parks and recreation, and content. They are concentrating on the direct to the consumer products such as Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu and this is helping them to secure future holdings, as well. 
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  1. Equifax – As the mortgage market weakens, Equifax may begin to have some issues, but they did generate healthy mortgage revenues last year. They also had a strong growth in payroll – something else that helps the stocks look good. They have Equifax’s Workforce Solutions that is segmented and will do well as a driver for profit. 
  2. TransUnion – This is another credit bureau that is suffering a bit from the mortgage industry problems. Experts feel that even with those issues, TransUnion will continue to grow over the next year. See here to find out all about the mortgage industry issues. They feel that TransUnion will continue to be a great investment for those who want to invest in credit bureaus.
  3.  International Flavors & Fragrances – This company has struggled due to recession fears, but experts feel that it will rebound in the near future and be better than ever. They feel that the company has great plans for restructuring its business so that they will do better by 2024. This will help you to decide if you want to invest in something for the long term, even though the short term doesn’t look very good.
  4. Anheuser-Busch InBev – This brewer has a giant global scale and vast regional density. Because of this, they are an amazing company to invest in. They are squeezing costs from the business to buying brands across the globe. This will help them to do well in the near future and over the years. You can be comfortable investing in this company because of its growth prospects.
  5. Tyler Technologies – Tyler Technologies is a leader in the niche market of operational software for the government. Since there as been a national push for local governments to modernize their systems, the need for this company’s enterprise resource planning system has intensified. Because of this, they are expected to better in the short-term and the long-term.
  6. GSK – This is one of the largest pharmaceutical and vaccine companies and they have a new lineup of products and even bigger list of patent protected drugs. Even though there is litigation against Zantac at the moment, experts don’t feel that this will be an issue for investors. This will still be a great company to invest in, even with any issues that have come up with the litigation.


This is a small list of investments that you could choose from, or choose them all. These have been proven investments that have paid off well in the past and are expected to continue to do so. You can also do some research to see more investments that might be better for you. If you have a niche that you like to invest in, check out that niche and see where it takes you. You will also need to talk to your broker to see what advice they have for you. They should always be your first resource for your investments. 


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