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Top Trendiest Backsplash Tile Designs for a Modern Kitchen

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Top Trendiest Backsplash Tile Designs for a Modern Kitchen

There are many ways to make a statement in your kitchen, but few are as impactful as a backsplash. Try a tile design with an unexpected color or pattern for a bold look.

A classic subway or square tile backsplash gets a fresh update with a stacked-bond layout. This modern style skews contemporary but complements transitional and traditional homes, too.

Concrete-Look Tile

Concrete is a popular option for kitchen backsplashes, and it’s not just the industrial look that makes it appealing. Concrete-look tile offers a durable, easy-to-clean surface that won’t crack like the real thing. Plus, it comes in a wide range of sizes and shades to complement any design.

A herringbone pattern adds an elegant touch to a modern kitchen backsplash. It creates a linear patterned accent amid a white subway tile backdrop. The contrasting hues of the grout and brushed nickel hardware further enhance the design.

Another classic is a plain subway tile backsplash, which can be made even more distinctive by opting for a matte finish.

Alternatively, go bold with a black herringbone tile backsplash that adds depth to this minimalistic kitchen. 


The neutral color gray is an excellent option for those with a kitchen with a lot of white. It helps create a crisp look and can be paired with various colors, including blues and greens. For a bolder backsplash tile, consider one with an intricate pattern. For example, a beautiful white honeycomb tile that adds a touch of daring to the kitchen.

Consider choosing a matte finish if you prefer a more subtle gray backsplash. This type of finish is popular for those who want their backsplash to be subtle yet striking. Those with a kitchen with natural-colored countertops can use this type of finish to tie their entire design together.

Backsplash tiles with a graphic print or large pattern are another trend for 2023. These tiles can be oversized and feature bold colors that give your kitchen a stunning focal point. For a unique look, opt for ones that have quilt-like motifs or even a checkerboard pattern.

Fabric-Look Tile

If you’re looking to add a modern backsplash that is also unique and creative, consider fabric-look tile. These backsplash tiles are made to mimic woven fabrics like wool or linen. They come in warm, inviting colors with subtle undertones and various textures. Some even have patterns that resemble linear or crisscrossing threads similar to those of a Persian rug.

The backsplash idea is excellent for adding an element of visual interest to a kitchen, especially if your home’s style has a more relaxed aesthetic, such as beachy or Scandinavian minimalist. It also pairs well with other color trends, including neutrals or lighter greens.

Lighter grays can create a sleek backdrop for bold accent colors, and this backsplash idea looks particularly stunning with white countertop surfaces. Gray can be paired with red or yellow tile for a bright, fun backsplash design, or you can try a more muted blue to add an excellent, soothing accent to the kitchen.

Encaustic Look Tile

If you’ve been on social media, you have probably seen encaustic tile on backsplashes or floors. It is a throwback style that’s been enjoying a resurgence thanks to the popularity of Instagram and the ease of achieving the look with modern tile.

Actual encaustic tiles date back to medieval times, and they can add an eye-catching pop of color and flare to any kitchen. While they may evoke thoughts of old-world charm, these gorgeous tiles also offer a range of head-turning patterns that can complement contemporary design schemes.

Choose a geometric pattern like herringbone for a unique and dynamic effect, or opt for solid-colored encaustic tiles to create a simple but striking backsplash. You can even extend the patterned tile to other walls in the room by matching the shade or pattern to the flooring and other elements of your home.

Tiling halfway up the wall below cabinets is cost-effective and efficient for protecting your walls while enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen. Or, you can go all out and tile an entire wall from floor to ceiling for a dramatic statement that will make any space feel bigger.

Mixed Materials

While backsplashes typically stick with simple field tile shapes, you can still get creative with your choice of materials. You can create an artistic mosaic of broken glass, tiles, or even paper, or use marble tile to add a luxe finish to your kitchen. This material is naturally beautiful, durable, and can withstand much wear and tear.

Geometric patterns like herringbone and chevron are also famous for modern kitchen backsplashes. These zig-zags interest your space while keeping your kitchen design clean and uncluttered.

Hexagonal tile is another geometric option that works well in a modern kitchen. These six-sided angular tiles offer a more retro look and pair beautifully with herringbone or subway tile. For a more natural look, you also choose a more organic shape, such as ginkgo leaves, stylized fans, or fish scales, these designs evoke nature and reflect cultural influences from around the world, so they’re an excellent choice for a kitchen with an eclectic vibe.