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Types of drills and their various uses

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Types of drills and their various uses

There are many options when you’re looking for a drill. You need to consider the type of material and depth you’re drilling, how often you plan on using the tool, and what kind of projects you’ll be working on. This post will go over some common types of drills and outline their various uses to help match you up with one that best suits your needs.

Rock drill

A rock drill is a tool used to drill holes in the rock. It can also be called a “drill bit”, which is the part that does the actual drilling, and you can easily get a rock drill for sale online. These are used for mining, tunnelling, construction and other uses where large quantities of hard materials need to be broken up or removed from the ground.

A rock drill bit is a sharp point that rotates at high speed around an axis attached to a shaft. The shaft is connected to a drill frame with bearings so it can rotate freely in any direction required by the operator.


A drifter is a type of drill that is used for drilling holes in various kinds of materials. It can drill holes in rock, concrete, asphalt, and tile. The most common uses for a drifter include drilling holes in rocks or other rigid materials so that they can be mined. However, this type of drill can also make holes in softer materials like wood or plastic.


In the context of this article, jackhammers are used for breaking up hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt. They can also be used for chipping away at the rock. Jackhammers, often called power hammers, are used in demolition work and mining operations.

A demolition hammer (which could either be a jackhammer or a rock drill) has an electric motor with a hydraulic transmission that drives two pistons in tandem to create powerful blows on the material being drilled into. The machine uses pneumatic pressure rather than electricity to drive these pistons to generate more power than possible through electrical means alone.

The compact size of this type of machine makes it easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces like basements or crawl spaces, even though it packs quite a punch!

Post hole digger

A post-hole digger is a tool used for digging holes for posts. The most common posts requiring a hole to be dug are fence posts, utility poles, and railroad tracks.

The hole size depends on the type of post you are putting into it and how deep you want it to be. Depending on how far your fence or other structure will extend in length, the depth can vary from just below ground level to several feet down.

Rotary hammer drills

Rotary hammers are a type of drill used for drilling into concrete. They’re also used to drill holes in asphalt, brick and stone and break up concrete. Construction workers and plumbers commonly use them. Rotary hammer drills are operated the same way as other cordless electric drills: you hold them with one hand while you turn the chuck with your other hand to tighten bits in place. These tools are typically heavier than standard cordless drills (12 pounds or more), but they’re not too heavy for most people to handle comfortably for long periods.


Now that you have a basic understanding of what kind of drill you might need, you can get your hands on a rock drill for sale or a multipurpose drifter. With all the work done in compiling this list of high-quality products, the hope is that it will help make your job easier.

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