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Understanding the Different Types of Face Masks That Exist Today

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Understanding the Different Types of Face Masks That Exist Today

With about 235 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, it’s still best to wear your masks!

Besides different precautionary steps, using a face mask can curb the spread of the virus. Hence, various types of face masks are beneficial for people to use for the prevailing pandemic.

Nonetheless, are these kinds of face masks necessary? As per health specialists, the answer is a roaring yes. In many states, face masks in shared areas with no control of social distancing are vital.

The CDC and WHO both recommend using face masks as they can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. So, it’s crucial to know which face mask is suitable for all to make mask-wearing effective. Here are the different types of face masks that you can wear for your health and wellness:


Respirator masks are seal-tested; they include the FFP2, FFP3, and N95 designs. This type of face mask has great filtration to screen viruses in the air and fit tight to the face. The edges make a seal throughout the nose and mouth.

These masks are typically used in the healthcare industry as the supply is minimal. However, there’s a supply of N95 respirator face masks available at Primo Dental Products.

Surgical Mask or Medical Mask

This type of mask is a protective tool that is essential for the health and wellness of medical staff. In addition, surgical masks have respiratory protection against sneeze or cough sprays or droplets.

People must refrain from sharing these face masks with others. Still, some studies show that the sole use of a surgical mask is prone to self-contamination. So, once you have already used a face mask for a few hours, be sure to dispose of it immediately.

Cloth Face Masks

There are a lot of videos giving directions on how to create cloth face masks. People can do these face masks with simple fabric and pieces of clothing, like bandanas and scarves. If you want to make your own cloth face mask, make sure you use dense, compact cotton material.

A Safe Way to Use a Face Mask

Although wearing a face mask seems simple, some typical errors in using one are easy to make. The CDC provided some simple tips on how to use face masks properly to avoid COVID-19. They advise that people should:

  • Guarantee that the face mask doesn’t cause trouble breathing
  • Check that the mask covers both the mouth and nose
  • Ensure that a person can secure the front to stop it from sliding
  • Fit the face mask with no gaps
  • Wash the face mask after every use

Specialists further urge avoiding touching the face mask while in use. For example, a person must lift it behind rather than touching the front of the mask for optimal health protection.

Know the Different Types of Face Masks

Face masks are a great way to protect yourself and protect others from getting COVID-19. Knowing the various types of face masks can help you understand their specific use. Besides face masks, people must follow other protocols like washing hands and physical distancing.

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