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Viking Wedding Rings: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

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Viking Wedding Rings: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Viking Wedding Rings

Viking Wedding Rings: Creative

Traditional Viking wedding rings are handcrafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials available and are meticulously designed. Viking wedding bands are always unique, just as Viking visitors were easily identified by their jewellery centuries ago. They will leave an impression on anyone who sees your lovely them.

Viking wedding rings are among the most exquisite pieces of jewellery available. They are typically made of copper, sterling silver, and mixed gold. Viking wedding rings are designed to last for decades and are among the most durable bands available. Viking weddings, also known as Norse weddings, were intended to bring the bride and groom’s families together. Weddings typically lasted a week and were frequently held in the summer to avoid the snowy winters, which made getting to the wedding location difficult. Traditional Viking weddings are still held today all over the world, with ceremonies taking place on both land and sea. While the ceremonies are intricate and beautiful to witness, the Viking wedding rings are the most important symbol of unity.

Viking Wedding Rings: Creative Look

These handmade rustic rings, inspired by Vikings, combine various textures and colours. Both are made of sterling silver and a solid Florentine 14K yellow gold strip. The men’s version features milgrain and beaded borders, while the ladies’ version features floral patterns. These one-of-a-kind bands definitely make a statement! The majority of the centre area of this has a layer of gold with bits of oxidised sterling silver showing through.

Viking Wedding Rings

You can also request that this design be made with less gold and more oxidation; simply specify your preference in the “Notes to Seller” box at checkout. Because these are wide rings, you will need a larger size if you had your finger sized with a regular men’s sizer which is about 6mm wide. Please watch our video on finger sizing! Your wedding ring should last you a lifetime, which is why only silver and gold will do. Please keep in mind that oxidation is NOT permanent. Soaps, body oils, and rubbing remove the darkened colour, revealing the sterling silver metal beneath. This can take days or months, so I don’t recommend buying an oxidised ring if you don’t like the way it looks.

Viking Wedding Rings: Magical Look

Hot Rox Custom Jewelry and Hot Rox Rustic for Men are committed to providing you with eco-friendly and ethically sourced metals and gemstones. We buy all of our metal from Hoover & Strong and Stuller. Both companies are leaders in the jewellery industry, offering high-quality 100% recycled metals made in the United States. All diamonds and coloured gemstones sold by Stuller are ethically mined and follow the Kimberley process. Individual suppliers are also vetted to ensure that their products meet the same high standards.

If you want a beautiful wedding ring or band with Viking flair, you’ve come to the right place.Our skilled silversmiths have lovingly created a collection of handmade, Viking inspired wedding rings just for you.When you place your order, our silversmiths will create a mould, melt it to silver, and hand cast your ring. They are then hand finished and polished to fit a Viking wedding.

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