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Wanda Ferraton: Bio, Bill Goldberg Wife

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Wanda Ferraton: Bio, Bill Goldberg Wife

Wanda Ferraton

Wanda Ferraton worked as a professional stuntwoman, actress and celebrity wife. She was born in 1970 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Wanda represents white ethnicity. She follows the Christian religion with full pride and passion. Her age is 53 years as of 2023. Wanda’s husband Bill Goldberg is a professional wrestler, actor, and former American football player from the United States of America.

She became even more famous in between 2010s when her husband Bill made his long-anticipated comeback to WWE. Here she pictured even crying when seeing her husband getting love from all of the WWE fans at the arena and all over the world. It made people know a lot about her.

Wanda Ferraton Physical Appearance

NameWanda Ferraton
Date of Birth1970
Birth PlaceSaskatchewan, Canada
Age50 Years
ProfessionStunt Performer
Father NameAllan Ferraton
Mother NameGwen Werbeski
HusbandBill Goldberg
Marriage Date10 April 2005
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Eye ColorBrown
EducationHigh school (Completed)
Dress size4 (US)
Body Measurements34-26-34
Shoe Size7(US)
Net Worth$2 million (2023)
Instagram linkwandagoldberg
Twitter linkiladygoldberg
bra size 32B

Wanda Ferraton: Childhood, Family Life, and More! 

Allan Ferraton and Gwen Werbeski are Wanda, who feels blessed to live a life with four lovely siblings, and parents. Wanda Ferraton was the second youngest of five siblings.

A beautiful family of seven members lived a fantastic life in Saskatchewan, which is a very famous Province in Canada. Wanda did her schooling in her hometown only. According to her teachers, she was a pretty good student.

During her childhood days, Wanda won many competitions as a young athlete. Wanda Ferraton married Bill Goldberg on 10 April 2005. The lovely pair met at Santa’s Slay set.

In just three to four months, they decided to start a beautiful chapter in their lives. A year later, in 2016, the best lovely couple welcomed their one and only child. It was a baby boy. His name is Gage A.J. Goldberg. Steve Goldberg and Mike Goldberg are A.J.’s handsome uncles. They visit Bill’s house on a regular basis. It also gives them a great chance to meet their beloved A.J. Goldberg.

Allan Ferraton, Ethel Goldberg, Gwen Ferraton, and Jed Goldberg are A.J.’s sweet and lovely grandparents. Wanda feels utterly blessed to have a handsome and caring husband like Bill Goldberg, who is a proper gentleman in many different ways.

A beautiful family of three is enjoying a peaceful life in the United States of America. They live in a very lavish house but act like common people. Goldberg has put trees and other natural things to make his house look even better

Wanda Ferraton Professional Career

Wanda worked as a stunt actress from 2000 to 2007, doing a lot of hard work at the highest level. She worked in a movie named The Unsaid in 2001 as a stuntwoman.

Tom McLoughlin, Unsaid’s director, was very happy with her work in the movie. Tom appreciated the work of Wanda, helping her to get more work in other big movies. In the same year, she worked in a famous movie Speaking of Sex (2001).

A year later, Wanda Ferraton got a chance to work in another famous movie – Ararat (2002). In 2005, she worked in a life-changing movie Santa’s Slay, where she met her soul mate Bill Goldberg. Wanda Ferraton worked in many other well-known films and television series. After beginning her relationship with Bill, she started to end her time as a stunt actress.

She now gives her all to provide his son with a very good life, without major problems. Bill now does not work as a wrestler constantly. However, when he does, one can see Wanda supporting Bill with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE fans).

Wanda Ferraton Net Worth

Wanda Ferraton is a very rich lady. Her net worth is $2 million (US dollars) as of 2023. He made most of her money from her stunt double actress and other projects. Her husband Bill Goldberg net worth is estimated around USD 20 million as of 2023. This does show how rich she is. The family is not known for its luxury razzmatazz but for being down to earth. This is why one can see Wanda being so much into charity and all.

Wanda Ferraton’s Social Media

Wanda Ferraton has 10.3 k followers on Instagram. She likes to use Instagram regularly. Wanda likes to share her family life with her followers on social media. Her Insta is all about sharing golden moments with her family. It keeps her fans also up-to-date like what the family is up to. But Wanda is not one of those WAGs who would extreme for fame on Instagram and other social media platforms. She is a very calm personality who does not want the negative side of social media at all.

Ferraton’s: Husband Bill Goldberg

William Scott Goldberg, better known as Bill Goldberg, is a professional wrestler. Many wrestling pundits call Goldberg the best performer of all time.

Goldberg has archived many golden moments for himself and his fans as a WCW and WWE performer. Bill Goldberg is a true WWE legend. Not many can match classes in the world of professional wrestling.

For every professional wrestling fan, Bill Goldberg is something they think of as the perfect fighter. Hence, he was one of the most talked about wrestlers at the time he was out of the time – from 2005 to 2015. At that time, people used to play video games and seeing him LIVE felt like only a dream.

However, Bill did make a return to WWE after 2015 and made an impact around the world. It did lift the rating points of WWE to the very best level. Since then he keeps on making apparencies in WWE, making a lot of money and it was his dream to have his son performing the father LIVE. It was the biggest reason behind the comeback. Now he does come here and there working for WWE.

Wanda Ferraton Hobbies

  • Wanda Ferraton does like to spend time with her family, and friends, cook meals for the family, hang out sometimes and read books.
  • Being a former stunt performer, she does like action movies. Hence, always look to watch the movie of Tom Cruise.
  • Wanda does like pink and red colours the most.
  • Wanda does enjoy wine but beer a bit – but she can’t stand smoking.
  • She is a huge fan of American Football, also known as NFL.
  • Wanda enjoys American, Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisines.
  • She does enjoy spending time with her son the most.
  • Wanda does enjoy riding horses too.   
  • She does enjoy eating pizza the most.

When and how did Goldberg and Wanda meet?

It was a film named Santa’s Slay (2005), where Bill Goldberg did play as the protagonist, and the pair met. They fell in love, started dating and then married in the same year. It does show a lot about how quickly they fell in love. As the shooting did happen in 2004.

They did take time to know each other and then get married. This is what tells the beautiful story of meeting each other and making things look creative. This does tell how well both have taken the steps for being an example for celebrity couples.    

Stunt Performance

Before marrying Bill Goldberg back in 2005, Wanda Ferraton did work as a stunt performer in Texas Rangers (2001), Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004) and Caught in the Headlights (2005). She did work on some of the lesser-known movies and television series. As she always wanted to play roles in movies, even doing stunts was nothing for her.

It does show the fact how well she has taken care of her career before meeting Bill and starting a new chapter in her life. Wanda has worked in some of the other lesser-known movies too, which does show her hard work.

Love Life And Marriage With Bill Goldberg

WWE Hall Of Famer Bill Goldberg met Wanda Ferraton when she was working for Santa’s Slay in 2004. The movie hit the theatres in 2005. Bill did have a role in the movie. It was the start of them knowing and starting to date.

This tells a lot about Ferraton and Goldberg marrying in 2005, welcoming a boy and starting to live life in a better manner. This is what tells a lot about Goldberg and he has made an example for many WWE couples about the art of true love and how it can make life better when there is a stable nature.

Clothing Brand

Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton do have a cloth brand named “Bill Goldberg” – where they do sell caps, t-shirts, bottles and other things named Bill. Hence, it has made the online store/website famous as the fan following Bill is at another level. Hence, it does help them to have another way to earn money. Wanda is the leading light behind this online store.

Facts About Wanda Ferraton

  • Wanda Ferraton was a stunt performer before marrying Bill Goldberg in 2005.
  • Ferraton wanted to become an actress when was a teenage girl.
  • Wanda does like to stay under the ground and be the force behind the professional career of her husband.
  • She is a huge NFL fan and does see the sport with a keen eye.
  • Wanda was not a huge WWE fan before meeting her love of life. Now she does not miss many shows.
  • Wanda does have a great relationship with Stephanie McMahon, who is a force behind WWE.
  • WWE star’s wife Wanda used to sing during her school days.
  • Her favourite fashion brand is Gucci.
  • As of 2023, she has a mega collection of 67 luxury bags.
  • Wanda has a huge love for reading books.


Q. Who Is Bill Goldberg’s Wife?

Wanda Ferraton is the wife of Bill Goldberg. The pair did marry in 2005 and have a boy named Gage A.J. Goldberg.

Q. Is Wanda Ferraton A Wrestler?

Wanda Ferraton is not a wrestler like her husband but he does support him at the venue when he performs for WWE.

Q. Is Bill Goldberg Married?

Bill Goldberg is married since 2006 with Wanda. They have a boy too. It is a family of three people.

Q. Is Wanda Ferraton Stunt Performer?

Wanda Ferraton was a stunt performer before meeting Bill. She has worked in some of the best Hollywood movies.

Q. Does Wanda Ferraton like WWE?

Wanda Ferraton is now a huge fan of WWE as it is the major reason behind her family’s financial stability.

Q. Does Bill Goldberg Have Children?

Bill Goldberg is blessed to have a boy named Gage A.J. Goldberg. He was the reason behind his return to pro wrestling.

Q. Does Bill Goldberg Like Parting?

Bill Goldberg does like to do parties but not to the level of some of the other WWE superstars.

Q. Does Bill Goldberg Like His Wife?

Bill Goldberg does like his wife a lot. They have been in a happy relationship since 2005.


Wanda Ferraton is a homemaker and the reason behind the fame of Bill Goldberg in terms of making a comeback in the middle of 2010s for letting her son see how big his father is and how it does help him to live a great life. This is what tells a lot about Wanda, who does want to be there for her family at the very best level.

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