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What Is EMF Exposure and How Can it Affect Your Health?

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What Is EMF Exposure and How Can it Affect Your Health?

In our modern world, we use a ton of electronic devices. Right now, 84% of American households have at least one smartphone. That doesn’t account for all the other electronics.

Recently, more people have discussed EMF exposure. What is EMF? Keep reading to learn what this is and why it may be dangerous to your health.

What Is EMF?

EMF stands for Electric and Magnetic Fields. It refers to energy or radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. Some EMF radiation is natural, while other types are synthetic.

EMF exposure can result in different levels of radiation. High levels can cause DNA and cellular damage. Lower levels of exposure may not be as harmful.

EMF Exposure

What is EMF exposure? Many people don’t realize how much they get exposed to EMF radiation in their everyday lives. Household appliances produce EMF radiation, although the levels are lower than medical devices.

When your doctor sends you for tests like x-rays or CT scans, you get EMF exposure from the machines. That is why the radiology technicians wear protective vests.

Most of us use cell phones every day. These produce EMF exposure. So do items many people use, like hair dryers. You can think of anything that uses electricity as something that can cause EMF exposure.

EMF Symptoms and Dangers

What is EMF danger? Some symptoms of having too much EMF exposure could be headaches and dizziness. Some people have reported memory loss and cognitive problems as EMF symptoms.

Another crucial EMF symptom is having problems sleeping. Many people watch television before bed and keep cell phones next to them while they sleep at night. EMF exposure can interrupt regular sleep cycles.

EMF exposure carries some hazardous dangers, too. EMF radiation can cause serious burns and skin damage. Some people suffer from organ damage after high levels of exposure.

At high levels, EMF radiation can cause problems to a fetus. That is why pregnant women don’t get advised to have these because they carry harmful risks for the baby. EMF exposure can also cause cancer.

EMF Prevention Measures

What is EMF prevention? It is a way to avoid the risks associated with EMF radiation.

Try to block excessive EMF exposure. You can buy products for EMF protection. At emf-protection.com, you can find natural products to shield you from EMF radiation.

You may also want to make sure you don’t get unneeded medical tests. Some will expose you to EMF radiation.

It is a good rule of thumb to keep electronic devices away from you when sleeping. Don’t put your cell phone right next to the bed. Keep it several feet away so that it doesn’t interfere with sleeping.

Limiting EMF Exposure

What is EMF danger limitation? It is making sure you only use what you need when it comes to electronic devices. Modern conveniences are incredible, but we must stay mindful of possible EMF exposure.

When we cannot prevent all EMF exposure, we can lower the amount we get. Overconsumption can mean overexposure. Follow our site for more health-related articles like this!