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Which staircase spindles are best suited to your home decor?

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Which staircase spindles are best suited to your home decor?

Your staircase is a significant centrepiece in your home that can exude style and class. If you’re looking to install a new staircase or are revamping your current one, there’s no better way to start than by upgrading your spindles.

But which spindles will perfectly compliment your décor and make your space pop? The stair experts at Stair Crazy have compiled a complete guide on how to select the best-suited spindles for your home aesthetic.

What are spindles?

Spindles are a collection of columns that stand upright between your hand and base rails. These stair parts are to hold up your bannister securely, and act as a safety barrier to prevent falls.

However, they can also make for a stunning style feature in your home that helps to make your space look chic and feel complete.

The different styles of spindles

There’san extensive range of spindle designs available to choose from, each suited to particular styles of décor. So, let’s explore each different type to find which would be best for your home.


Ideal for both classic interiors and modern looks, chamfered spindles are incredibly ornamental and suit many homes. Usually crafted from wood, the chamfered style is characterised by its narrow middle with square ends.

If you’re looking for something that’s contemporary with added flare, then chamfered spindles are also perfect for you.


If you’re eager to really spruce up your space with something a little more decorative, we highly recommend spiral or twist spindles. Crafted from both wood and metals, spiral designs draw attention to your stairs and liven up your hall or living room areas.

Choose between barley twist styles, simple spirals or single twist designs depending on your preference.


Contemporary and minimalistic, square spindles are best matched to new builds and modern aesthetics.Straight edges provide a clean look to any hallway and if painted white, they can really help to freshen your space.

They’re also one of the more affordable designs on the market, so are great for restyling on a budget.


This particular style of turned spindle offers a traditional feel whilst oozing sophistication and luxury.

Curved and decorative in the middle with squared ends, Georgian spindles are an all-time favourite that are perfect for classic aesthetics.

The ideal spindle material for you

Thanks to the many different spindle materials available, you’re guaranteed to find a set that best suits your home décor.

Metal spindles

Due to their premium feel and robust quality, metal spindles have grown in popularity. Usually made from iron, metal spindles are versatile in that they partner perfectly with both iron and wooden handrails.

Metal spindles are ideal for industrial decors and contemporary aesthetics when partnered with an oak handrail.

Wooden spindles

Reliable, classic, and timeless – you can’t go wrong with a traditional wooden spindle regardless of your interior décor.

Choose between two wood variants – pine and oak. Pine is incredibly easy to paint, which is great if you wish to brighten or refresh your spindles in the future. It’s also more affordable than oak or metal designs.

Oak on the other hand is much more visually appealing thanks to its trademark tiger grain – this wood is also highly robust and more resistant to damage. Whether you have a contemporary or classic home, oak suits all aesthetics.

Whatever the style and look of your home, there’s a stunning set of spindles that will freshen up your space and make it look chic and stylish.