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WhiteBIT Exchange: A Comprehensive Guide

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WhiteBIT Exchange: A Comprehensive Guide

WhiteBIT Exchange promises to be the newest and the safest cryptocurrency exchange available to consumers around the world. Here’s how it works. Every user on the WhiteBIT Exchange platform, who wants to trade in any of the available crypto coins, must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process by uploading an identity proof and a proof of address document. This means that as soon as you want to trade in any of the listed cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to verify your personal details first with WhiteBIT Exchange authorities.

What is WhiteBIT exchange

WhiteBIT exchange is designed to help cryptocurrency buyers and sellers find each other. Every trade has an escrow service so that neither party is at risk of being scammed. All purchases are handled with WhiteBIT tokens, which will only be available during a pre-sale period starting March 1st and ending March 15th, 2018. Afterward, you’ll have to use Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). For more information on WhiteBIT exchange, visit whitbit.trade or read our whitepaper . 

If you want to buy cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start, whiteBIT exchange makes it easy. Just enter your location—or any location in your country—to show prices for trades in your area. The WhiteBIT team will create anonymous buyer accounts for all those who want them and immediately begin processing transactions based on individual conditions. Traders can provide as little identifying information as they want while still earning fees from transactions they influence as opposed to fees paid by those purchasing currency through their account.

How does WhiteBIT Exchange work

WhiteBIT is a cryptocurrency exchange service that has been around since mid-2017. While not as well-known as some of its competitors, WhiteBIT takes pride in its low fees and personalized customer service. Before we get into how it works, let’s take a closer look at what WhiteBIT does—and why you should consider using it. The exchange provides information about nearly every virtual currency in existence, including some that are relatively new to crypto exchanges. This means more investors will be able to join than if only older currencies were supported on WhiteBIT’s platform.

How to register on WhiteBIT exchange

If you want to start trading on WhiteBIT exchange, you need to register and complete verification in order to be able to deposit and withdraw fiat currency. It is important that you have a valid national ID (e.g., driver’s license) or passport with your real name, address, and photo. Registration takes only a few minutes, but there are several steps involved in order to verify your account with identity documents so that you can enjoy smooth trading on WhiteBIT exchange. We will guide you through every step of our registration process so that there are no surprises at any stage of it.

WhiteBIT Exchange Launch

The WhiteBIT exchange is a fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange created to handle all of your trading needs. The company provides customers with an easy-to-use interface, access to all cryptocurrencies and over 10,000 pairs. They’re also working on several innovative features that will allow traders to execute trades in a secure environment without worry about threats from hackers or other cybercriminals. To learn more about what makes WhiteBIT stand out from its competition, check out our comprehensive guide below!

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