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10 Expert-Approved Tips for Video Marketing

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10 Expert-Approved Tips for Video Marketing

Video marketing has taken the business world by storm, with the industry valued at $33.3 billion in 2020. That figure will skyrocket to $45.6 billion by 2025, making video the fastest segment of digital advertising globally.

But why are more businesses increasing their investment in video marketing? Because it works. 88 percent of marketers say they’re satisfied with the ROI of video marketing, with video generating 66 percent more qualified leads per year.

If you haven’t made video marketing part of your marketing strategy, now’s the time to do so. Here are 10 tips for video marketing that will help you reap the biggest returns from your efforts.

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1. Have a Video Posting Schedule 

One of the most important video marketing tips for small businesses is to ensure that target consumers get regular content updates. Think of your video content as a campaign, not something that you just do at random.

You need to establish what content you want to provide through video and break it into sections that you’ll post on a daily or weekly basis. Once you’re clear on the video content, come up with a publishing schedule. Posting video content consistently encourages your audience to keep coming back for more. 

You can also decide to space out your video content over a given period leading your audience up to an exciting announcement or product launch. The idea is to keep your viewers engaged.

2. Always Aim to Tell a Story Instead of Being Salesy 

Focusing on adding value to the lives of your audience is among the most powerful tips for effective video marketing. Too often, small businesses make the mistake of trying to directly promote their products and services.

Similar to blog posts, videos offer you the ideal opportunity to tell a story and evoke strong emotions. A good example is where you present in your videos the real-life example of how your services or products have improved the lives of people.

Of course, you can still make videos that specifically showcase your product’s features right away, but these should be meant for paid ad placements only. Even then, it’s best for the advert to narrate an interesting story instead of simply trying to shove a product down the throats of viewers.

3. Take Advantage of the First Few Seconds

The average attention span of people is rapidly dropping. People now lose concentration after just eight seconds, which is less time than the average goldfish takes to lose focus. 

One of the most important tips for marketing videos, therefore, is to ensure you hook your viewers within less than 10 seconds. If you can’t do so, spending a fortune on an Oscar-worthy marketing clip is a waste of time and money.

To avoid being boring, try to entice your viewers by proving the video’s value right from the beginning. People want to know what’s in the video for them before committing their precious time to watch it.

You can ask an enticing question at the beginning of the video to hook viewers. You can also state a startling fact or even introduce a problem and promise to provide a solution. The idea is to do what you can to hook viewers right from the start, or your videos will go unviewed.

What if you feel stuck and don’t know where to start? Consider working with professionals like 1minutemedia.com.au to create marketing videos that instantly engage your target audience. 

4. Ensure Your Videos Contain Closed Captions

Incredibly, the vast majority of videos on social media are viewed without sound. And given that billions of people who use the internet are also active on social media, it goes without saying that videos on social media have a high organic reach.

Now, if most videos on Facebook and other social platforms are watched without sound, it only means that you should design your videos to engage customers with sound off. 

As much as you can, try to ensure that every marketing video you produce has closed captions. These subtitles dramatically boost engagements and click-through rates, in addition to leads.

Videos with closed captions are accessible to viewers who have disabling hearing loss. Other users love these videos as they can watch and engage with them in unsuitable environments, such as while in the library or a noisy vehicle.

If the marketing video is aimed at a wide audience with people from different nationalities, consider translating the subtitles into different languages. 

5. Have Tutorials and Demos

There’s hardly a better way to explain to your audience how your product works than through video. 

With the help of an online video editor you can create top-quality videos and demos that take interested viewers through your product’s features and functionings. Thus, customers can view these videos before or even after they purchase the product. Businesses that have such content as part of their video marketing campaign generally receive fewer calls from customers who’re stuck. 

Besides, customers are more likely to convert if they feel that they know enough about a product. Tutorials help provide this information. 

6. Let Your Personality Shine Through

Some small businesses shy off from letting consumers see who they are through their marketing videos. They fear that they’ll not look as good as their bigger, more powerful competitors.

But marketers should embrace the power of video to showcase a brand’s personality. Consumers connect more with videos that are filled with character instead of superficial, bland content. 

Identify what exactly makes your business unique, and highlight it in some of your marketing videos. 

7. Incorporate Customer-Generated Content

Customers generally trust the word of other customers more than they do the word of businesses. Why not take advantage of this fact by incorporating customer-generated content in your marketing videos? 

You can encourage clients who’ve used your products before to create video clips using these products and post them to your company’s website and social profiles. You can edit some of these videos professionally and include them in your marketing videos too.

An added benefit of using consumer-generated content is that consumers who see themselves in these videos are more likely to share them more widely. That dramatically widens your reach. 

8. Optimize Marketing Videos for Search

Having the best videos ever made will do you no good if consumers cannot find these videos when they’re searching online. That’s why you need to optimize your videos for search. 

There are many SEO tips for video marketing you can implement to get your marketing videos more noticed. For instance, you can include highly relevant video titles that incorporate relevant keywords. Be careful not to clickbait, though, as this can quickly turn off viewers and have the opposite of the intended effect.

You can also incorporate comprehensive video descriptions similar to those of well-performing marketing videos in your niche. Be sure to add relevant tags, as well as closed captions. 

9. Have a Well-Crafted Call-to-Action (CTA)

A well-crafted and well-placed CTA is a critical part of a marketing video. If a viewer sticks around to the end of the video, it’s likely that they’re genuinely interested in what you’re offering. Such a viewer may even be described as a qualified lead.

Don’t lose your chance of making a sale by failing to guide viewers to perform the desired action. That action may be to subscribe to a service, browse your product catalog, start a free trial, read more of your content, and so on.

Thus, you should always place a clear CTA at the end of or within your marketing videos. Inform your viewers what exactly you’d like them to do next.

10. Evaluate Your Success

To reap the biggest returns from your video marketing campaign, you need to evaluate your strategies and finetune them continually. The good news is that most video hosting sites have analytics to give users valuable insights into the performance of their videos. 

Make good use of these analytics to analyze such metrics as the number of visitors who watched the video, as well as the number of times the video was played. You can also use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of marketing videos that you’ve integrated on your site. 

Transform Your Business With These Tips for Video Marketing

You can reap great words from video marketing, but only if you do it right. The idea should always be to create marketing videos that engage your audience and inspire them to take the desired action. With the tips for video marketing we’ve shared in this blog, you can make that happen. 

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