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Social Media Strategy: How to Grow Your Instagram Follower Count

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Social Media Strategy: How to Grow Your Instagram Follower Count

Did you know that according to Instagram, the most popular destination is New York City? You can learn so much about your audience and their likes and dislikes by having an Instagram account. 

If you’re interested in getting started or growing your Instagram followers, then you’ll need a solid social media strategy. If this sounds like you then you’re in luck! Read this article on how to grow your Instagram follower count fast.


You can buy instagram followers and optimize your page. One top social media marketing strategy is to use keywords to have people find your page. Place hashtags in bios, captions, and photos since they’re keywords.


Pay attention to the most popular times to post on Instagram and IGTV. IGTV is a great way to increase trust and show your followers more about you. 

Reach Out to Family and Friends

Social media marketing is about having your family and friends follow you in order to increase your followers. This is especially useful if you have a large family. 

If you have a website for your brand, that’s another great way to invite others to follow you on Instagram. Your website needs to be optimized as well in order to increase traffic there. Use a keyword tool in order to use low competition keywords with high traffic. 

Create an Attractive Profile

When you build a brand, decide if a witty bio will engage your potential followers. Think about what you can include that’ll resonate with your audience. Have a link that’ll take your audience to what you’re selling whether it’s a website, email list, etc. 

Use Nice Layouts

Choose a theme for your site and ensure that your images have nice layouts. Consider filters for your different images as well. 

Have a grid look in order to encourage seriousness toward your brand. It lets them know that you’ll be serious about future similar content as well. 

Try not to post a bunch of posts all in one day. Instead, spread it out over a few days. Remember that what you begin with, the Instagram algorithm and your followers will expect this from you. 

Research Competitors

Take a look at competitors and see what they’re doing in order to have a large number of followers. Think about what you can do to increase your followers as well.

Consider unfollowing accounts that aren’t following you as well. You’ll want those that you follow to follow you back.

Exploring How To Improve Your Social Media Strategy for More Followers

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to improve your social media strategy in order to increase your Instagram followers. Take your time implementing these tricks and watch your followers grow.

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