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14 Tips To Cut 500 Calories A Day

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14 Tips To Cut 500 Calories A Day

To avoid eating extra calories, it is enough to make some adjustments to your daily habits. If you still cannot start losing weight, this means that your daily habits have not changed enough and you need to make adjustments. In this article, we will tell you how you can get rid of 500 calories a day. 

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Excess Calories

Here are some useful ways to get rid of excess calories:

1. Be Mobile

Do not sit all day at the computer or in front of the TV. While you are talking on the phone, for example, walk around the house or office. You can also move your feet to the beat of the music that you hum to yourself, that is, move at every opportunity, do not sit still. It will help you burn more calories and stay fit.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Daily consumption of alcohol provides the body with excess calories. Thus, you can get rid of calories by limiting your regular alcohol intake. In some cases, opioid dependence also affects a person’s eating habits. 

As a result, regular intake of calories increases. It is important to find help and get rid of substance abuse. So without delay, look for nearby alcohol or opioid addiction treatment center and overcome addiction. It will help you spend a healthier and happier life.

3. Avoid Eating Nuts

You should not eat nuts in excess, especially if you have them on a large plate. According to numerous studies, the larger the serving, the more we end up eating. And although nuts are very useful for the heart muscle, they also have one significant drawback.  

Nuts contain a large number of calories, as many as 175 in one handful. If you can’t do without nuts, then choose pistachios. This is because they have the least calorie and a handful of them contains only 80 calories.

4. Try Not To Eat In Front Of The TV

According to research, you will eat about 300 calories more because you do not pay attention to the process of eating. So instead of eating in front of the TV, sit comfortably at the dinner table, and instead of watching a movie, go for a walk.

Aren’t salads the most useful of the things “you can eat to lose weight”? In principle, yes, but with some exceptions. If you do not add ham, bacon, cheese, nuts, mayonnaise, fried ingredients, and other salad dressings to them. Otherwise, you risk getting the opposite result, and extra pounds will not take long. 

5. Give Preference To Espresso

The serving sizes of coffee that you buy today in shopping and entertainment centers are too large. One such cup can contain up to 670 calories if it is coffee with cream or with the addition of chocolate syrup. Therefore, it is better to take a small cup of the good old espresso, which contains only 30 calories.

6. Count The Number Of Snacks You Eat

If you are a big fan of cookies or French fries, then you don’t have to give them up completely. Just try not to take large portions, limit yourself to a small amount. If you feel like eating something, you can have a cookie.  Avoid eating cookies in excess if you want to enjoy good health.

7. Say No To All Kinds Of Cocktails

Various syrups, cream, canned juices from concentrates, and sugar are mixed in one glass. That is, it is almost 800 calories, which will then be very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, try to avoid such drinks, choose those that contain citrus fruits, and even better, drink natural juices.

8. Eat Less Pasta

Ordinary pasta won’t do any harm, one serving (without sauce) contains about 220 calories in total. But if you add taste to it, this value can increase five times. In any case, try to choose spaghetti made from whole grain flour.

9. Do Not Invite Many Guests At Once

If the table is set for more than 7 people, then your portion, without any doubt, will be larger. This happens when we expect a large number of people to visit, we cook with a margin. Many of us are always afraid that what we cooked may not be enough. 

10. No Need To Lick The Plate

Weight loss experts say that you should leave about 25% of your serving on your plate without eating it all. Leftover food can come in handy to please your dog or as lunch the next day. This habit can help you consume fewer calories and stay in good shape.

11. Forget Milkshakes

Yes, they are very tasty and so refreshing in the hot season, but at the same time, they are so high in calories! A large glass of banana milkshake with sugar contains at least 800 calories. Therefore, opt for fruit juices. We are not recommending packaged juices but the ones you prepare freshly at home.

12. Get Enough Sleep

People who sleep less than 7 hours a night eat more, recent studies revealed. That is, for example, if a person does not sleep after dinner, then he will have a snack. The conclusion suggests itself that to get rid of the extra 100 calories, you should try to sleep more.

13. Say No To Soft Drinks

One glass of sugary drink contains about 200 calories. If you drink two or three, then you are already out of bounds. Remember that ordinary drinking water is the best way to quench your thirst. You should go not go for unhealthy beverages to satisfy your thirst.

14. Choose Drinks Without Added Sugar

You will certainly experience problems with being overweight if you drink tea with a few tablespoons of sugar added to it. Try using other natural sweeteners like stevia or gradually reduce the amount of sugar as your body gets used to it.

We mentioned some effective tips in this article that will help you get rid of 500 calories a day. Follow them to keep your body in shape.

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