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4 Natural Back Pain Relief Methods You Can Try at Home

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4 Natural Back Pain Relief Methods You Can Try at Home

Back pain is a common symptom of several different types of medical problems. Up to 85% of people in the United States will experience back pain during their lifetime, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

While it can be debilitating, the good news is that in the vast majority of cases (90%), back pain can improve without the need for surgery. It is even possible to effectively treat back pain at home, and this guide to back pain relief will show you how.

In this blog post, we will look at 4 natural back pain relief methods that you can try at home. From stretching to massages and Epsom salt baths to focusing more on your posture, it is easy to incorporate these pain relief methods into your daily schedule.

1. Daily Stretching

If you suffer from lower back pain, there are a range of recommended stretches that you can perform daily to improve your symptoms. Examples of useful exercises include:

  • Standing backbends
  • Press-ups
  • Cobra pose
  • Walking on flat ground

Stretching helps to restore muscles, loosen up tense muscles, and protect from future pain. Performing a short yoga routine each morning is recommended.

2. Private Massage Therapy

Massaging tense or sore muscles is an effective way to relieve pain and loosen up the muscles in the back. Some of the benefits of massage therapy for back pain include:

  • Improves back function
  • Reduces overall discomfort
  • Minimizes days in bed
  • Lessens use of anti-inflammatory medications

Click here to schedule massage therapy services in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

3. Epsom Salt Baths

A 20-minute soak in an Epsom salt bath will leave you feeling relaxed while also helping to ease sore back muscles. This is especially true after performing exercise or a long day of work.

Magnesium sulfate, better known as Epsom salt, works through to the skin and into sore muscles. In addition to back pain, it’s also great for your skin. Aim to have the temperature of the water between 92 and 100°F.

4. Focus On Your Posture

Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have been working from home in make-shift offices. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end, we recommend that you upgrade to a more comfortable office chair. You can also opt for a standing desk and alternate between sitting and standing during the workday.

Have your computer at eye level to avoid straining your neck and avoiding slumping or leaning forward when sitting.

Natural Back Pain Relief Methods You Can Try

These natural back pain relief methods are effective and easy. Other tips include adjusting how you sleep, improving your diet, and using oils and ointments to ease the pain. For more advice about natural back pain relief, speak to your doctor.

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