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Chris Rock Meme: Ideas, Touch, Looks, Creative

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Chris Rock Meme: Ideas, Touch, Looks, Creative

Chris Rock Meme

Chris rock (full name is Christopher Julius rock) born on 7 February 1965, in Georgetown, South California, U.S. He is a very famous American comedian, actor and a filmmaker whose popular stand-up routine which is often addressed as racial matters which lead him to a successful film career.

Chris Rock Meme: Crucial Info

After a year working as a stand-up comedian and also appearing in a minor film role which includes a Beverly hills cop II, Chris also gained prominence as a cast member of the Saturday night live from year 1990 to 1993. While at Saturday night live he also appeared in films new jack city, CB4 and boomerang, which Chris Rock also produced and wrote. Rock was also cast in starring film roles in Down to Earth, The longest yard, Head of state, the Madagascar film series, Grown-ups, and its sequel Grownups 2, spiral and Top Five. Chris also developed to wrote, produced, and narrated the sitcoms like Everybody hates Chris, which was on his early life. In the year 2020, Chris Rock starred in the fourth season of the FX black comedy which is a crime drama anthology series Fargo.

Chris also hosted Academy awards twice in the year 2005 and in 2016, he was also involved in an incident on stage at the 2022 awards. He also won Four Emmy awards out of total 19 nominations for his television work and Grammy awards for the best comedy albums.  Chris was also ranked as No. 5 on Comedy central’s list of the 100 Greatest stand-ups of all the time. Rock also ranked as No. 5 on the rolling stone’s list of the 50 best stand-up comedians.


The 94th Academy award has been proved legendary. The main reason behind this that it was highly talked is about the altercation between the two actor that is Will Smith and Chris Rock.

This incident was happened when Rock appeared on a stage to present the Oscar for documentary feature and then suddenly, he hit the joke about the Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith being in ‘G.I JANE 2’ because of her shaved head. After hearing this Will Smith ger on the stage and slapped the Chris rock right across the face. After slapping Chris Rock, Smith walked back by saying: ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your ******* mouth’

Later that after this altercation, the internet was all now. People took this opportunity as a joke and do what they do best. They started making some hilarious meme on this altercation. Many of them also pointed out that how Will Smith won an Oscar award and also assaulted Chris Rock at the same time.

Notes To Look At

Here are some of memes on the Chris meme, do have a look on that:

  • Chris Rock’s face: the ketchup bottle that almost got empty

Will Smith’s slapping hand: Me

  • Chris Rock’s face: Disruptive innovation

Will Smith’s slapping hand: Entropy

  • Yoooo I am crying at these reactions to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock (lmao)
  • Chris Rock’s face: Padhai Wadhai karo IA-YAS Bano

Will Smith’s slapping hand

  • The people that were sitting next to the Will Smith and laughed at joke that what just happened here.
  • Security sleeping: thinking that it’d be an easy night at the Oscars, but all of a sudden Will Smith slapped the Chris Rock.

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