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Dining Cards: A Guide to Cash Back on Restaurants

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Dining Cards: A Guide to Cash Back on Restaurants

Did you know that there are over 120 credit card reward program services operating in the US alone? While most people have credit cards, not everyone takes advantage of using cash back on restaurants.

Are you interested in finding credit cards for restaurants to help save money on dining out? Have you heard of reward programs, but aren’t sure which ones are right for you?

The following guide will help you find the best credit card for bars and restaurants. We’ll even cover great programs for dining in as well. Read on to find a reward program that’s right for you.

Best Cash Back on Food Overall

The American Express Gold Card is an easy choice for overall dining rewards both locally and while traveling. There’s an annual fee of $250, but it’s worth the 4X points for global dining. Plus, you get 60,000 points when you first sign up.

The card also offers up to $120 in restaurant credits. The credits build up to $10 at a time each month when you order from specific places. For example, Grubhub and Uber Eats both participate in the American Express program.

You can even use the card for 4X points at U.S. supermarkets. It’s important to note that after you spend $25,000 each year at grocery stores, your points go from 4x to 1x.

Best Card for Cash Back on Restaurants

The Capital One Savor Credit Card is a good option for dining out at restaurants specifically. The rewards program offers 4% cash back on dining, and the annual fee is only $95.

The card also offers 4% back on entertainment and streaming services. So, it is perfect for those who like having an eventful night out once in a while.

You can also earn 3% back at supermarkets and 1% back on any other types of purchases.

Best Card for Dining In

Consider the Chase Sapphire Reserve card if you frequently use DoorDash. It features a DoorPass subscription, which makes certain deliveries completely free.

If you cook at home more than you go out the Costco Mastercard might be the reward program for you. There are 0% annual fees, and you can use the card as your actual Costco membership.

The Costco Mastercard also has the best credit card rewards for gas and restaurants combined. It offers 3% back on restaurants and Costco Gas purchases. The card even insures your mobile device up to $1,000.

The American Express Platinum card might be the best option for business travelers who dine in. It features $200 of annual Uber Cash for both Uber rides and Uber Eats. It also has several airline and lounge benefits.

Ready for Rewards?

The best credit card for cash back on restaurants largely depends on your lifestyle. Do you dine out often, occasionally, or while traveling? Do you prefer takeout, delivery, or cooking at home?

Whatever your preference, remember this guide and choose the right card and rewards program for you. Check out the rest of our site for more great food and travel tips. 

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