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Discord’s new Stage Discovery portal will connect live audio events with communities

Discord, the popular social media app, is testing a programme that will allow users to sell tickets to virtual events. The ticketing service is currently in beta testing and is only available by invitation. Fee reductions have not yet been announced. In March, the company debuted Stage Channels, its Clubhouse-style voice event rooms. Discord now intends to host online virtual events via a new portal called Stage Discovery, allowing anyone to connect with the communities. Discord makes it easier to find audio events on its platform as part of its effort to broaden its adoption.

Discord stage discoveryhatmakertechcrunch

This new feature has the potential to open up a new revenue stream for the company, which has seen an increase in participants during the pandemic. Discord Product Manager Rick Ling acknowledged that Stage Channels are popular and that events can be used to bring in new users. Discord is also planning to introduce new features. Threaded conversations are on the way, and the company plans to launch a pilot program to test paid, ticketed audio events. The latter could be a huge boon for creators who have previously been unable to make money through the platform, and it will serve as an additional revenue stream for a platform that has no plans to enter the targeted advertising game. Discord’s deep well of interest-based communities has the potential to elevate its own experience above and beyond what the newer audio upstart can provide.

Discord is obviously taking cues from Clubhouse here — live audio event discovery is the whole point of Clubhouse — but Discord’s deep well of interest-based communities has the potential to push its own experience far beyond what the newer audio upstart can offer. The company has a five-year head start and universal brand recognition among young people: the majority of its 150 million monthly active users are 18-24 year-olds, who make up a large portion of Generation Z. Discord doesn’t need to compete with Clubhouse because it was there first. The company may have stolen some clever features along with everyone else, but Clubhouse’s downloads are plummeting, and the latter app may need to prove it can compete with Discord and more established social networks at this point.

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Discord is about giving people the ability to create space in their lives where they can find a sense of belonging. They want to make it easier for you to communicate with the people you care about on a regular basis. They want you to have genuine relationships with your friends and communities, whether they are close to you or all over the world. Unique, dependable, amusing, and relatable. These are the values that unite Discord users and employees. Stan Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron began working on Discord in 2015. It was a hit with people all over the world. Discord made it simple to communicate with friends in a way that went beyond casual conversation. Friends maintained contact with their various communities.

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