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Four Ways You Can Carry Your Look Better With A Bow Tie

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Four Ways You Can Carry Your Look Better With A Bow Tie

arry Your Look Better

When it comes to styling clothes, men often feel there are limited options available. But in reality, minimal accessory choices are the best to have as they are less tricky yet versatile. On that note, bow ties are a closet quintessential for every man. Be it a wedding or any black-tie event, bows have become inevitable in every way. While many believe bows have to be on reserve for special occasions, wearing them the right way can make bows an everyday accessory. With a wide range of fabric options, patterns and colours, there is no doubt you will find a bow for every event. 

Styling a Bow Tie: Fashion Suggestions 

Four in every ten Aussie men look forward to looking stylish. However, bows are mistakenly being considered a royal and rich accessory while they are not! Today, you will find bows that can go with elegant suits and even one to spice up a funky shirt. However, if you are a beginner, choosing or wearing a bow can be pretty tricky. With Bow Ties, you will firstly find diverse shapes and choices with the ease of putting them on. Here are four tips you need to follow so that you will never go wrong with a bow,

1. Understanding beginner needs

If this is your first time with bows, arrowing your options is the best thing to do. As a beginner, you can start investing in a ready-tie. However, they might not be as effective as a self-tie. The technique can be pretty intricate to master. So starting with a ready-tie is a sensible choice. Never opt for clip-on ties as they are designated for children and not adults. However, when possible, it is the best top opt for self-ties as you can experiment with a variety of shapes. Also, there is no doubt that self-ties emit the difference, and it is no secret!

2. Choosing your best shape

With ready bows, you will find different shapes. Though there is no thumb rule to pick a particular pattern some mixes and matches may go tragically wrong. The first and the most common bow shape you will come across is the butterfly. Butterfly bows come in both small and big profiles. Though butterfly bow ties can match almost all looks, they complement winged collars better. Butterfly bows can be narrow or broad, depending on your size preference. Diamond bows are the second most typical bow pattern you will find. These bows work well on elegant satin suits and formal shirts with classic trousers. 

3. Experiment with colours

There is no fashion rule that bows need to be only white, black or red. Unless you are attending an opera or a wedding night, black bows are not a necessity. The typical rule is to choose bow colours that will complement your outfit. However, you will not have to go for a monochrome accessory look. Pick colours that will highlight the presence of your bow. At the same time, ensure that it goes along with your outfit tone. 

One quick tip is to match light hue shirts with dark-shade bows and vice-versa. Nothing can match the classic appeal of a white shirt with a black bow, can anything? Also, if you are experimenting with a patterned bow, always go with plain shirts with complementing collars. 

4. Styling your suit/shirt

While choosing suits that can match your bow choice, always stick to minimal and typical suit shades. Black, navy blue and grey suits can pull off a statement look with a butterfly or a diamond bow. You can also consider wearing a pocket square. However, you do not have to pick your pocket square and bow from the same hue. 

With casual shirts, you have the freedom to choose any bow colour. Adding a bow to slim fit shirts can spice things up and let you flaunt your aesthetics with a hint of timeless elegance and playfulness. 

Author Name: Andrya Fayina

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