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How Quickly Can You Write A Dissertation?

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How Quickly Can You Write A Dissertation?

Do you know how fast you could write a dissertation in a hurry? Imagine a situation in which something unexpected happens and you have only one month or even a week to complete it. What if you could do it? What first class dissertation would you write if it was possible?

Type fast

The average person types between 190 and 200 characters per hour. With 92% accuracy, you can type 38 to 40 words per hour at that speed. Typists can type 65 to 75 words per hour.

Because students spend so much time typing, we can assume that an average student can type 50 words per hour. Typing the required 10,000 words would take only 3.3 hours.

That’s not the only way to type words you already understand. It takes more than just typing. Writing a dissertation involves research, planning and writing more than one draft.

You could certainly write 10,000 words in under half an hour but not enough to make a dissertation.

It took 16 hours to complete the fastest dissertation ever. Catherine Lux, a Brunel graduate, wrote her dissertation this fast!

How many hours does it take for a dissertation to be written?

In their final year, most students have approximately six months to complete the dissertation. They must have an idea to present their dissertation, then they must do the research, rewrite the text, bind it, or give it to the tutor.

Depending on your topic, a dissertation typically takes between 10 to 15 thousand words. After having their initial idea accepted, it takes most undergraduates 3 months to write a dissertation.

How many hours does it take to write a dissertation?

The subject matter you are researching will affect the time required to research your dissertation. You must plan your time carefully when conducting research.

Make sure your research goals are realistic and achievable. You don’t have the time to read every book you want on your chosen topic. Choose the most important sources and be selective. Allow enough time to complete your task, but enough to examine your data, and write up the results.

Do you have the time to complete a dissertation within a month?

There is no way to do a dissertation if you are given only a month. If you only have 30 days to complete your dissertation, you need to prioritize constructing a strong thesis and presenting sound arguments and conclusions. This will give the examiner something to go off of.

Now you can concentrate on the writing of the dissertation. Keep your focus narrow by identifying key sources and references.

You may only have one month to finish your dissertation. Your tutor or supervisor might not be available to help you make it a top-notch piece of work. Professional thesis writers offer additional help in this area.

Do not forget that a bad dissertation could get you a grade. A fail will not mean that your dissertation was ineffective. It is important to ensure you have 10,000 words written and that every section of the dissertation has been covered.

Can you write a dissertation in a single week?

You can do this! The important thing is to be organized and prepared to take some shortcuts.

It is possible to lose sleep or your social life if your dissertation is due in a week. You must work long hours. It is important to keep your energy up. It is important to take your time and eat, sleep, and pace yourself to ensure that you don’t run out of steam by day three. It may seem like a small amount of time but, in reality, it is a long time.

RedBull could be stocked up so you can hit the library all day, every night until your deadline. You might also be able to get help with your thesis literature review or analysis.

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