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How To Convert More In-Bound Leads Into Sales

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How To Convert More In-Bound Leads Into Sales

Sales leads are already hard enough to obtain, but then only half of the job is done, and it is time to turn those leads into sales. In order to convert leads to sales, there are a few approaches such as narrowing down your target market, determining the most likely and focus there, and creating a landing page that is applicable specifically for each ad campaign, so they are receiving the information they are looking for. Unless you’re the #1 marketing agency in New Zealand, most of this will be new to you. So grab a pen and paper, and get ready to take some notes! 

When people find their way to your advertisements or are following your page, they are doing so because they are interested in your product in some way. This is already positive, but there will be many that are interested but will determine that your business may not be the best fit. In order to decrease these occurrences find a small, manageable target market that you can advertise to specifically. The smaller the group each ad is targeting the more specific it can be and the more appeal it will have to them. It is easier to appeal to a smaller market than a larger one, so using small target markets with market-specific ads will bring better results than advertising to a large market and trying to appeal a little to all of them. 

Within your target market, there will be some that are a better prospect than others. By focusing on the most likely prospects first you can achieve increased sales, and with the confidence boost each sale brings you will be better able to approach others and provide them with the information they need to go through with a sale. The better your sales figures are the more confident you will feel, and that confidence will be apparent to others and result in even more sales.

It is also helpful to provide a targeted landing page for each ad campaign. This will bring your target market to a landing page that has information of value to them. Providing valuable information and answers to the most likely questions within that page will encourage them to move forward with contacting you and learning more about the services or products that you offer. This landing page should be specific to the information or resources that they are looking for, and it should be different for each ad or campaign so it can be targeted to them. Use word choices that are well suited to the people most likely to see it as well as colours or graphics that will appeal to them. 

Using SEO strategies can help to convert sales leads into sales and creating a blog and resources on your website that provide useful tips or information are valuable in bringing sales to your business. Using these strategies as well as creating ads and resources for your specific target market will help you to convert sales leads into sales.

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