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How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy And Stay Beautiful

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How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Chemotherapy And Stay Beautiful

Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments against cancer. It is most effective in killing the rapidly spreading cancer cells. Almost 650,000 cancer patients are treated using chemotherapy. It has also been proven to increase the chances of survival among women.

However, chemo patients often go through rapid physical changes. For women, this can have a tremendous psychological impact. There are some remedies to the common side effects. 

Apart from that, taking care of yourself in these times is necessary to boost your morale. Simple daycare routines, like applying moisturizers, and using head scarves for cancer patients to hide bald patches, can make you feel more optimistic. 

The key is to stay strong while you or your loved one is undergoing treatment. 

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The adverse effects of chemotherapy occur because of the chemo-drugs circulating anywhere in the body through the bloodstream. Due to this, they can sometimes affect even the healthier cells that seem to be growing fast. 

Healthy cells that are most likely to be negatively affected by chemotherapy include:

  • Lymphocytes or other blood-forming cells
  • The hair follicles
  • All cells in the digestive tract and mouth
  • The cells of the reproductive system

Some common signs of chemotherapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Hair loss or Alopecia
  • Muscle pain, stomach ache, and headache
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Swelling in different body parts 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Soreness in the mouth and throat

Loss of hair, body aches, and tiredness are some of the prominent signs in chemo patients. The rapid physical changes can cause women to feel anxiety and depression. That’s why it is even more critical than ever to stay mentally positive in these times and not lose hope.   

Tips to Keep a High Spirit During Treatment

There are a few ways you can keep your spirit high in these challenging times. Taking care of yourself and adapting to the changes in your body in a positive way can improve your mental health. 

  • Hair loss is inevitable when you are going through chemo, but it shouldn’t make you disheartened. Embrace the fact that bald is beautiful too, and looking good equals feeling good. If you are not confident in sporting your bald head, wrapping it up in some fun printed scarves is a good idea. There are many options available for head scarves for cancer patients to choose from. 
  • Chemo can make your skin appear pale and dry, so it’s better to moisturize diligently. Use a fragrance-free product with protective ceramides to nourish your skin from within. Also, following a good skincare routine is helpful. 
  • Cancer treatments can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. Even if you have been using sunscreen before, it is even more important now. Use a thick lather of broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF value of 30 or greater. Also, you can carry some powder or stick formulation to add touch-ups whenever you are outside. 
  • Hair loss doesn’t just happen on your head but all parts of your body. That means you can lose your eyelashes too. Use makeup to create new eyeliners. You can use eyeshadows across the lid to enhance your eyes. 

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can save lives or at least help you deal with the disease better. However, the quality of life depends greatly on your morale and how you deal with the side effects. 

Remember that all of the methods mentioned are more than just attempts to look good. It is more important to feel better about yourself. These small things may not directly impact your health, but they will make things easy for you to deal with while undergoing treatment. 

Author Name: Andrya Fayina