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How to Select Home Solar Agencies: Everything You Need to Know

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How to Select Home Solar Agencies: Everything You Need to Know

Four out of ten US homeowners state they are thinking of switching from traditional power to solar power. This switch is both beneficial to us and the environment. That’s why more people are installing solar power in their homes.

Although you can do it yourself, installing solar panels is a job that needs expertise. It requires skills and often can be illegal to do without professional help. Also, seeking a professional can prevent you from accidents and injuries.

Finding the right people to install solar panels requires knowing your options. Here is everything you need to know to select home solar agencies.

Make a List of Solar Providers

Research available solar companies that provide solar power installation in your region. By doing this, it can save up your time and also narrow down your options.

Make a spreadsheet or a table and fill it out with their details. After that, compare their pros and cons.

You can also write whether a company is a local or a national agency. It depends on location and your needs, but you can choose either.

Local agencies can move faster as it’s a much smaller agency than a national one. However, national agencies can give you more services and warranties. In general, choose someone that has a lot of experience.

Decide on a Budget and Financing Option

Select home solar agencies that are within your budget. But, keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t always mean lesser quality. Expensive doesn’t mean higher quality, as well.

Take note of the materials, solar installation experience, and insurance. When it comes to your solar system budget, find the balance between price and quality.

Another thing to take note of is your financing option. If you haven’t decided, it’s best to consider agencies that offer alternatives. They can also give you advice and help you make a decision.

Request for Quotations

Ask for installation quotations from various agencies. Even if these agencies sell one service, they can each be different. It can open your options to different installation approaches and material choices.

Aside from that, it can also help you see installation costs. It will benefit you by determining agencies that are within your budget.

This choice can help you look at the insurance that the agency offers. Choose a coverage that will benefit you during and after the installation process.

Check Credentials and Reviews

All solar agencies should have proper licenses and accreditation. Look whether the company has MCS certification. See if they’re also from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

They can certify that your residential solar system is to a high standard. You can also check if the individual technicians have a license too.

Find out about old customer reviews. With online customer reviews, check complaints as well. See how the agency has resolved the situation and the satisfaction of customers.

Choose credible reviewing sites like Better Business Bureau or even Yelp and Google.

Select Home Solar Agencies Now

After narrowing down your options, it is time for you to choose. Select home solar agencies that fit your house, financial capabilities, and goals.

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