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Humble HAC 2023: Know About Everything

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Humble HAC 2023: Know About Everything

Parents and guardians may access their children’s schedules, grades, attendance, classwork, progress reports, report cards, and course requests on the HAC Humble website.

Humble ISD students and their guardians may access their academic records via the Home Access Center Humble. Online monitoring systems make it simple for parents to monitor their child’s academic performance.

Accessing your HAC Humble account

  • Enter humbleisd.net/hac into your browser’s address bar.
  • Simply type your user name into the “Username” box.
  • Fill up the Password field with your password. Capitalization is vital for password security.
  • To access the HAC Humble account homepage, sign in.

The Daily Summary Page will load automatically if only one kid is enrolled in HISD schools. A roster will appear on the screen if more than one student is enrolled. Clicking a student’s name will take you to their Daily Summary Page.

How to create a HAC Humble account

A HAC Humble account may only be created by a legal guardian on record at the institution. Each kid has their own HAC account that may be created by a parent or legal guardian. The school your kid, attends has to have your current email address on file at all times.

If you give an email address or if it’s bogus, the system will only issue you a password link.

Talk to the school secretary before creating a HAC account to ensure your contact information is correct. This includes ensuring you are identified as a parent, updating your email address, and selecting your preferred language for school communications.

Creating your HAC Humble account:

  1. To access the HAC login page, visit the district website and locate the HAC emblem before clicking the “Activate” option.
  2. If you don’t have a login ID and password, you may create one by following the on-screen prompts.
  3. Click the Register button after entering your first and last names, city, and postal code. For your child’s registration to go through, this data must be identical to what the parent provided.
  4. You may be asked for an email address if your information matches numerous classmates or friends. Click “Register” after entering your email.
  5. The Home Access Center, User Registration page, will load if your search keywords match a record in the database.
  • Please enter your user name there.
  • The two questions are for your safety, so please answer them. These will be substituted for your lost credentials.
  • Simply selecting the “Finish” button will conclude the procedure.

If the desired username is taken, the system will notify the user through the email address on file with the school district.

  1. The school’s email address will get your temporary password, and a confirmation page will display. Please check with the registration office if you don’t get this message.
  2. Follow the email instructions and click the link to proceed.
  3. After submitting a correct response to the quiz question, click the Continue option.
  4. It’s necessary to enter and verify the passwords. Capitalization is vital for password security. Remember to hit the following button to proceed.
  5. You may immediately check your child’s schedule, attendance, and assignments by logging into the Home See Center Humble.


Parents and guardians of students enrolled in the Humble Independent School District may view their children’s academic progress at any time via the Home View Center HAC Humble, an online portal. Parents may see their children’s schedules, grades, attendance records, and assigned tasks by logging into their HAC accounts. The HAC system supports Spanish input, and the user manual may be consulted for more information.

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