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What are the stones that are used in Navratna jewellery?

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What are the stones that are used in Navratna jewellery?

Navratna jewellery

There are various types of Jewellery Available in the market With Different Style, Shape, Size and Design. Jewellery Designer Invented Various Kinds of Designs of Jewellery & with the Help of Jewellery Manufacture introduces that product in the Market.

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There are Different Types of Jewellery for Every Occasion. Usually Wearing of Jewellery is more of a Style Statement for Women but there are Few Kinds of jewellery Who Holds a Mystical Power Which Saves an Individual from Lots of Hurdles & Disasters Coming in their Way. The Name of the Jewellery Which Holds a Mystical Power is Navratna Jewellery. Now the Question Comes in your Mind is what is Navratna Jewellery?

Navratna Means ‘Nine Gems’ the Jewellery which is prepared by using Nine Gemstones is known as Navratna Jewellery. As these Nine Stones is Not Just a Stones but it is more than that Every Stone Has Some Magical Powers Who changes the Life of an Individual. So what are these Stones that used in Navratna Jewellery, Here is the List of jewellery that used in it?

Diamond (Shukra)
Astrologers recommend Wearing Diamond to those Who have a Weak Planet Venus in their Birth Chart because venus represents Comfort and Beauty in your Life.

Ruby (Suya):-
For Weak Position of Planet Sun in Birth Chart of an Individual Astrologers recommend them Wearing of Ruby Stone for the betterment of life of an individual leadership Skills.

Emerald (Mercury)
Mercury Rules Mind of an Individual, If a Persons Mercury is Weak in their Birth chart than the Memory of that person is very Weak. In that Case, Astrologers Recommend Wearing of Emerald Stone.

Red Coral (Mangal)
Most Dangerous Planet on Earth is Mars. The Person with Weak Mars is Short Tempered & Easily Gets Anger So to Control their Anger Red Coral is recommended by Astrologers.

Pearl (Chandra):-
Moon is the Planet of Emotional Stability & Mental Strength. The Person with Weak Mars Easily get Cheated by others & With the Effect of this they lose all their hope & becomes mentally disturbed.

Yellow sapphire (Brahaspati)
Jupiter is the Lord of all the Planets. The Person with weak Jupiter Faces instability in every Field of life like Instability in job and Business.

Blue Sapphire (Shani)
Shani is the Planet of justice, if an individual does Anything wrong or Unethical then Shani Instantly punishes that person and show him the Right Path. So to Diminishes, the Adverse Effects of Saturn astrologers recommend wearing of Blue Sapphire.

Hessonite (Rahu)
The Person with Weak Rahu faces a lot of troubles in their life. Some of the Signs of Weak Rahu is Disturbed Mind, instability in Job or Business, Difficulty in Completing Education, Enclose with Various Diseases. In that Case, Astrologers recommend wearing of Hessonite Stone to eliminate the bad effects of Rahu.

Cat’s eye (Ketu)
Another planet which Disturbed Mosts the life of an Individual is Ketu if it Weak in Birth Chart or wrongly placed the person with weak Ketu is diagnosed with Lack of Concentration, Confusion & addicted to Drugs or Smoking.

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