Tips to Buy Online Sketchbooks for Drawing

Do you love buying sketchbooks for drawing but find you rarely use them? Are you afraid of ruining the beautiful new sketchbook and stop yourself to experiment on it? Or are you confused about what sketchbooks should be used or not? Sketching is all about being creative and practice makes you master of drawing skills and builds the confidence. Buying sketchbook online has become a latest trend these days and there are numerous websites available offering the best drawing books at cheapest rates. If you want to buy sketchbooks online, several points must be taken into consideration including:

  1. Size: For beginners, an A5 sketchbook is the perfect option and it opens to a working area of the A4 size paper. This is the perfect size to create an intricate art and they are compact enough to fit in most of the bags. This is a good size to get but if you find that you are more comfortable with the larger sketchbook, you may then go for the up-size. Apart from this, there are smaller sketchbooks are also available like notebook or the palm-sized ones. These are extremely portable and can be fit in your pocket. The downside for this sized drawing book is that they are too small for the intricate drawings.
  2. Binding: The most common type of binding available for the sketchbooks are the perfect bound and the wire-bound. The wire-bound or the spiral-bound have a wire loop to hold the pages together and the benefit is that the pages can flip and makes the sketchbook easy to hold. You can even easily hold them in the standing position. The other advantage of spiral-bound sketchbook is its ability to open flat. Apart from this, the perfect bound or sewn bound sketchbooks are those where stitching is used to hold the pages. Several pieces of paper are grouped in one section and stitched together at the fold.
  3. Paperback or hard cover: It is highly recommended that you go with the book with a hard cover on the paperback. It provides support when you are drawing. This kind of covering is good for indoor and outdoor use.
  4. Orientation: Sketchbooks are available in both portrait and landscape orientation. Square format sketchbooks are also available but it is always better to prefer the landscaped or the square version.
  5. Type and weight of paper: Best sketchbooks for drawing are designed with normal paper, cartridge paper, water color paper or on the black or light colored paper. Cartridge paper is the high quality paper which can be used for illustration and drawing. These may differ by weight, smooth and are wonderful to draw on with pen or pencil. Different papers are used for different use because of its paper weight and the surface treatment.
  6. Color of paper: Some sketchbooks offer off-white paper and this color makes the artwork look warmer. The white color of paper allows the colors to be more striking while the black paper lets the audience focus on the subject.

The great thing about sketchbooks is that they are for fun and experimenting. There is nothing to be worry out, get them from a trusted online supplier and give your kid a new world of art of drawing.