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Ryota Miyagi: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Net Worth


Manga have a huge craze over Japan and all around the globe. People flock into comic magazine stores and read every episode with utmost desire to know the next story and what may come next. Most manga fans love the story of the manga comic itself but the character arc of that manga, and the progress of their personality is what makes them intrigued till the last episode. One such excellent character from one such manga is ‘Ryota Miyagi’. Let us know more details about him.

Character Origins: Ryota Miyagi

Ryota Miyagi is the closest friend of the ‘Slam Dunk’ manga’s main character Sakuragi. He first appeared in the manga ‘The One Who Came Late’ and in the 20th episode of the anime version of the same manga. Ryota is shown as the best pal of Sakuragi who is the main character of Slam Dunk manga, where they both play for the Basketball team and become good friends. Ryota is seen with #7 number jersey, playing in the position of Point Guard for his team Shohoku. He is a very good athlete and considered in his manga world to be the best point guard of the entire district.

Character Backhistory: Ryota Miyagi

Ryota Miyagi is the closest friend of the Slam Dunk manga main character Hanamichi Sakuragi. He is shown with extreme close bond with him although they met each other in a big misunderstanding. After they resolved the issue between them, they both shared similar points in their life which was to be rejected by girls so many times. Ryota is a perfect athlete with a good physique but due to his bad communication skills, he ends up rejected by girls often. Ryota plays for the basketball team of Shohoku in his prefecture. He plays for the position of Point Guard who has to be the one of the finest players to play in that position from his district.

Character Appearance: Ryota Miyagi

Ryota is a very athletic personality with an excellent competitive spirit. He is short by height, standing around 5 ft 6 inches but that never lets him behind on the field as he is very agile, quick and very athletic while playing the game. He is always seen with short curly hair on his beautiful bowl cut face which has black eyes and his skin tone is little tanned but not brown indeed. The jersey of his team is in red and black colour which has shades of white on it. During his training he wears two shorts of black and white whereas in the school, he wears a uniform of white sleeved shirt and navy blue trousers. Ryota is a highschool teenager who is just 17 years and in addition to that he has a thin, sporty build body with short height, hence he looks far shorter and younger than he may look.

Character Personality

Ryota is very competitive on and off the field as he has good levels of arrogance and attitude in him. He is always seen as equal with his friend and ex – rival Sakuragi, as they both share the same levels of egoistic personality. But later they got friends and now become a good team to showcase their talents for their basketball team. Ryota is very hardworking and always in constant struggle to be the best version of him possible. But sadly all his athleticism and excellent sporting skills are undermined due to his egoistic arrogance he shows while conversing but the reason behind is not arrogance but introvert personality with which he possesses very bad communication skills and hence he ends up getting rejected by many girls.

Character Popularity

Ryota Miyagi is very popular and is also the second main character of the manga hence there is a fair bit of attention on him too. He looked arrogant and rude in the starting few episodes but later the impression changes as the character arc of him is disclosed slowly and revealing the fact of introvert nature is what makes him not converse well with others. There is not huge but fair enough popularity behind him, and the character progression is very much appreciated throughout the manga.

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