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The Psychology of Gambling in Australia

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The Psychology of Gambling in Australia

Gambling and Psychology

Gambling is a widespread entertainment that is popular with the majority of Australians. In 2023, no one sees online casinos as something new. It is now a routine pastime that not only helps you relax, it also helps you make some real money. Nowadays, gambling has become part of the culture. And the state profits from it through taxes. Since gambling can lead to addiction in the exposed individuals, the government must carefully monitor and manage all establishments. All residents must be well informed of the possible consequences. 

Numerous psychological studies have been done to ensure that gambling addiction is as rare as possible. They have helped to break down the process of gambling in terms of theory and practice. They say that the frequency of addiction decreases over time. The main reasons for this : 

  • Technological advances. Already now, players can turn on the special feature of Responsible Gambling on good platforms. It puts various limitations that prevent addiction from developing further;
  • Theoretical understanding of gambling behaviour based on scientific research. 

Gambling in Australia

Gambling on the continent has its own rules and regulations, which all players who want to start their way in this field should know. 


The Australian government is very strict about regulating all gambling activities. They have issued numerous laws that ban gambling by anyone under the age of 18. Requirements have been issued to retrain gaming room staff, provide information on safe gaming, create responsible gambling functions, limit the hours of stay and spending money, restrict gaming designs and much more.

All conditions may vary from jurisdiction and place of game play. But for the most part they are the same everywhere. 


Lotteries, keno and betting on horse racing have been around in Australia for a very long time, and everyone is used to these forms of entertainment and wanted to try something new. More recently, an online casino was introduced. It has been a lifesaver for many people in the country. Many began to go to the casino to take a break from routine life and be able to earn real money. Each year the number of players has been increasing due to the simple accessibility of computers and mobile phones. You can tell that the Australians are the most crazy gamblers in the world. Some facts and players of the country : 

  • More than 80 percent of gamblers play via mobile phones;
  • Each gambler earns 4-5 thousand Australian dollars a month ;
  • All of the country’s online casinos make more than $2 billion in profits;
  • If we imagine that all residents play gambling, the profit of each of them is 1,300 Australian dollars;
  • The most popular category is card games;
  • About 60 per cent prefer card games, 30 percent –  Slots, 20 percent – horse racing,  10 per cent –  other forms of entertainment.

Gender and Age Differences

There is a big difference depending on the age and gender of the player. Most of the gamblers are men, who prefer to play racing games, card games and sports betting.  Girls, on the other hand, prefer lotteries and slot machines. 

During the survey, it was found out. That the main contingent of online casinos are young people over 18 years. Most often they prefer to gamble. Older people prefer keno, bingo and lottery. The ratio of players showed that 31 per cent of young people had gambled in the past 12 months. At ages 45-54 and 65-74 the percentages have a value of 29 percent for both . 

Phenomena of Gambling

There are some interesting facts that have been noted by gamblers and their psychologists, as well as close family members. 

Gambling Desire

It has been noticed that the better a player’s mood. For instance, if the weather is nice outside or if good things happen in life, the player wants to keep playing more and more. The player understands that he is doing well spiritually, but he also knows that he can increase his financial status. In this case, he starts a positive process of playing the game and due to good motives he manages to earn a lot of money.

Player’s delusion

This phenomenon can be seen with roulette as an example. If a player continuously bets on a red cell, and during 7 rounds it turns black, for example, he decides to make a big deal at that same moment. He puts all his money on red. Just because he thinks it can’t happen again to fall out on black because of his previous moves. But don’t forget that roulette is a random process. Black or red rolls have equal percentages and cannot change because of someone else’s actions.

Changing the odds

An experiment was made with bettors who didn’t bet and made a bet. So the players who haven’t bet yet choose a smaller percentage than those who did bet. The odds of a player or team winning the bet increase by several times.

Player’s Brain Activity

A research study was done in Cambridge in which volunteer gamblers underwent magnetic resonance imaging. 

The brain’s striatum, which is responsible for the emotion of reward, was observed to be excited. Apart from this function, the structure has other functions such as food and natural stimuli. 

Online Gambling Platform in Australia

If you have been looking for a long time for a good site with good terms and conditions, you should check out Fair Go Casino Australia. This is a renowned platform that was founded in 2017 by deckmedia NV. 

In order to prevent addiction, a responsible gambling feature has been installed. It itself can recognise excessive player activity . The section gives contacts of specialists who can help with addiction and also has a restriction function . 

Over a long period of time, the operators have been able to create an ideal environment for players. Here you will find an excellent gaming lobby that includes table games, card games, slots and video poker. 

You’ll be able to take advantage of the demo mode feature. It gives you a chance to play without spending any real money. It’s great for choosing the best strategy and understanding the rules of the game. 

The fairgocasino bonus system is represented by several deposit types, such as cashback, free spins, welcome bonuses and no deposit gifts. The most lucrative and enjoyable is the welcome package. It can be received by all players immediately after registration. After making a deposit of A$20 or more, the player receives 100 percent on up to A$200 . In addition to the above bonuses, software providers are constantly offering lucrative deals on new games. This gives you the chance to not only play profitably , but also to understand the terms and conditions of the new entertainment. 

Register on the platform and start your way into the world of gambling!

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