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The venues in Australia for the T-20 world cup

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The venues in Australia for the T-20 world cup

The country of Australia has not once gone on to stage a world cup. With Covid protocols, T- 20s have been restricted to a few major grounds. So, if you observe the ICC T20 mens world cup, there are seven venues and the real question is how they go on pan out. Though with the aid of BBL, you are expected to have an idea of how most of the grounds in Australia are expected to be fair.

The global trends

An initial glance at how Australia stands in comparison when you compare the other cricketing nations. Across the metrics, the names of the cities are not that global, but a few aspects are known to stand out. A lot has been said about the venues in Australia, but in reality, it is dependent upon the region where the rope lies. But the fact is that the boundary percentage is the second lowest in the world substantiates this claim on all counts.

More threes are taken a pointer in this regard. In this regard, it does matter that the batters go on to put on their running shoes. Another point of consideration that is bound to make an impact is wrist spin and it has an important role to play in T- 20 cricket. Nathan Lyon is rated to be the best in test ball cricket but when it comes to T-20 cricket, it is fair to say that he is an outdated player. Batting first is bound to have a definite advantage when you are playing in Australia compared to other countries of the world. The general trend is to bat second in T-20 cricket but with Australia, it may not work out to be the case as batting first, putting a lot of runs on board works out to be a definite plus.

The important grounds in Australia


The Melbourne cricket ground, where the final of the tournament would be played. On this ground, you are expected to have the lowest percentage of boundaries which is 49.3% Spin bowlers are expected to play a major part in this ground.

The pitch at this venue favors the batting side. It is fair to say that it is a nice pitch where the ball comes onto the bat nicely. Being a batter, the sizes of the boundary your real friend as you can hit the ball straight without much effort. Bowlers resort to a change-up and slower deliveries on the pitch, so the big-hitting options trim down the boundary options. But the logic is simple you need to place the ball in the gaps and rotate the strike. You can use the shorter boundaries to your advantage. When you do that, you hit the ball straight and cash in on the benefits of the straight short boundaries for your benefit.

As discussed, earlier Spin is bound to play an important role when you are in Australia. The leg spinners have a role to play and hitting to the big sides may work to your benefit. The strategy of the teams is to take a lot of wickets in the middle overs so that the threat is nullified.

Sydney cricket ground

After the MCG, it is the second most scoring ground. When it comes to finger spin and wrist spin it is a tinge lower when you compare it to Gabba. Here the pitch is expected to be a new one. When facing the new ball, the batsman must be careful and earn runs in the middle overs and at the finish of the innings. Even the boundary sizes are little larger than you may anticipate. They are undoubtedly larger straight, which may be advantageous if you want to hit the ball straight. The teams frequently single out a couple of key bowlers and remove them from the assault. Then the opposition can do nothing apart from bringing part-timers into action. Then they go on to target them too.

Moving over extra cover is the shortest target to the boundary. It is all dependent upon the pitch that you are playing on; you need to play bang in the middle as the boundaries turn out to be large. People are not going to realize it when they are watching it live on TV. You are just looking to play to your strengths and play along the ground that maximizes your strength.

Adelaide Oval

The ground stands to be mid-table for all the numbers except finger spin which has the highest average among all the grounds in Australia. Though when you compare it to the other venues in Australia, there is a peripheral difference that is bound to exist.

The pitch here is a batsman’s paradise in comparison to any other venue in Australia. When the innings is above to be over. where the straight boundaries are big, you are expected to reap in the rewards. For a batting group, it is better that they go on to target a couple of bowlers. When it comes to the spin bowling option, there is bound to be some amount of turn. If you allow the spinner to dominate you, then death bowling turns out to be a real concern.


Due to the restrictive policies of the Australian border, the venue has gone on to host a few T 20 matches in the last couple of years. Coming to the dimensions of the ground, it is the same as the MCG. It happens to be an unusual pitch as the ball tends to reach the bat quickly, and in some cases, the pitch turns out too dry.

While batting it is suggested that you harp on the benefits of the pull shot and cut short. Your hands should be above the ground so that the shot is kept on the ground. One of the fastest pitches of all time and till the early part of the 2000s the visiting teams had a nightmare at this venue.

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