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AI Derailed Life of 3 Men with Incorrect Information

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AI Derailed Life of 3 Men with Incorrect Information

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Artificial Intelligence has indeed taken this world to another level. As it is famous for providing data in a fast manner and create a legacy that can indeed make an impact. It does tell a lot about the growth of AI. This is indeed what makes an impact in the very best way.

One did see FBI and others using it a long time back. As the Information Technology world becomes bigger and better, it has allowed every company to act in a smart manner and take things forward in a very best way. It does tell the rapid growth. It has indeed helped many criminals to get behind the bars as the face recognition has solved so many cases. However, some do feel that believing it in fully can make a person’s common sense low. This does talk a lot about an incident happened, where AI did cost the lives of three men who did not do anything wrong.  

Three New Jersey common people from Michigan has stunned every John to Son in a wiredmanner as they were looking stunned to know that some of their friends are behind the bar. 

Robert Williams, Michael Oliver, and Nijeer Parks are three common men who did face a lot of problem after they were misidentified with facial recognition software. In many cases, it has performed in an excellent manner where even a top professional sketch artist can’t make. However, this time around it did open so many questions that one needs to look. As if developed nations are doing it, then what can one accept from developing nations who do have limited data and software. This is indeed what makes an impact in the very best way. 

It led them to make the lives of three new Well, it is not like Google sheets match, where you need to correlate data in different fields, rows and columns, but here AI based systems and algorithms need to identify certain facial impressions and unique signs that do not match with any other individual or person, making an identification to be 100% correct. Michigan people who make their friend John and Sonwired as it does open many issues. This is indeed what makes an impact in the very best way.

It does talk a lot about how much do these Information Technology companies have to work on for making an impact. This does show that developing nations should think twice before making an impact. Hence, everybody has to come forward and make this part of the world better with quality AI users than making things worse. It gives a massive lesson to those who does like to see this world in a better place and hence, even a mistake from them can harm. In this case, it was a howler. At the time of COVID, things were always hard and then seeing a father going behind the bars in front of his daughter who were watching something on a television. It does not make the lives of common people easy as it is not at all good to go behind the bars when one has not done anything bad. With the lack of understanding of AI and over confidence in software, it has woken up the eyes of every person in the US and Europe that this modern software something does act in a very strange manner. Hence, one needs to think twice before taking an action and make things look from each and every angle.

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