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What Is an Angel Number? A Guide

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What Is an Angel Number? A Guide

Numerology dates all the way back to between 569 and 470 BC, with philosophers and religious leaders using it to better understand life and spirituality.

Today, numerology can still be used to gather information about your life path, starting with learning about angel numbers.

Angel numbers give you valuable information on life decisions, dangers, and more. But what is an angel number and what do they mean? Read on to find out.

What Is an Angel Number?

According to numerology, angel numbers are individual numbers or sets of numbers that correspond to different meanings. And these numbers are called “angel numbers” because they’re believed to be messages sent from the universe and spirit guides.

If you’ve noticed the same number repeating on receipts, your clock, signs, and other places around you, there’s a good chance it’s catching your attention for a reason. Angel numbers are meant to capture our attention, even if just for a moment, to pass on wisdom or advice that we need.

Each number has its own significance and vibrational energy, and at different times, you may notice different numbers showing up. That’s because, as you move through life, the messages you need will change.

Whether you really believe in angels or not, learning the meanings of different numbers and using them to guide and inspire you can be a useful (and fun!) form of self-development and awareness.

Number Meanings

Angel numbers don’t express any information about your personality or character. Instead, they say more about how you’re interacting with the world and vice versa.

Individual numbers hold their own distinct meanings. For example, 1 means you should persevere, even if you’re having doubts, and 7 means it’s time to take a rest and slow down.

Sets of numbers have their own meanings too. If you’re seeing 111, your inner thoughts will be replicated and passed to others. It might be time to make your big idea a reality or teach others a unique skill you possess.

There are interpretations of double digits too. Read the 33 angel number meaning to learn more about this unique number.

What to Do if You’re Seeing Angel Numbers

If you’re seeing angel numbers, don’t worry or be fearful of them. Instead, be grateful for the message, and learn what it has to offer. 

Some numbers suggest that a big change is approaching or that a chapter of your life may be coming to an end. Rather than trying to stop those changes, embrace them, and trust that it’s what is best for you according to the universe.

If you’re not sure how a specific angel number relates to your life, be patient. With time, you will start to understand its meaning and what actions you should take.

Understand Angel Numbers to Understand Your Life

Numerology and angel numbers have been around for thousands of years, and they’re still used today.

But what is an angel number? By learning about angel numbers, you can simultaneously learn about yourself too. Next time you see the same number over and over, find out its meaning and apply its wisdom to your life.

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