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UV Protective Clothes: Do They Work?

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UV Protective Clothes: Do They Work?

UV Protective Clothes

There’s nothing better than hitting the beach or spending the day hiking in the sunshine. However, we can’t underestimate the importance of protecting our skin from UV rays, which can generate harmful genetic mutations that can cause skin cancer.

If you spend a ton of time outside, you’ve probably tried a wide variety of sun protection methods. Now, as UV protective clothes grow in popularity, you might be wondering: do they really work?

UV protective clothing can, in fact, give you better protection from the sun than many other methods. However, it’s best to use this clothing in conjunction with a few other methods.

How does UV protective clothing work? How can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your protection from the sun? Read on for our UV protective clothes guide.

Why Isn’t Sunscreen Enough?

You already lather on a thick layer of sunscreen before heading outdoors for the day. Why isn’t this enough?

The truth is that most people aren’t using sunscreen to maximize its protection. For example, you’re supposed to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours. If you’re in and out of water or using a towel to wipe away water or sweat, you should reapply sunscreen even more often.

Most sunscreen offers an SPF (sun protection factor) of 50. This blocks out all but about 2% of UV rays from hitting your skin. However, without reapplying on a regular basis, your sunscreen isn’t doing much–which is why you might walk away with sunburn even after lathering up.

How Do UV Protective Clothes Work?

When you look at UV protective clothing, you’ll likely notice the term, “UPF.” This stands for the ultraviolet protection factor that the article of clothing can offer. Most UV protective clothing offers a UPF of 50 or higher.

UV protective clothing has a tight weave that doesn’t allow the vast majority of the sun’s rays to get through to your skin. You might worry that this tight weave means that UV protective clothing isn’t breathable. However, the fabrics used for this type of clothing are smooth to the touch, breathable, and oftentimes moisture-wicking, making them perfect for your time outside.

The best part about it? If you’re wearing your UV protective clothing, you don’t need to worry as much about reapplying sunscreen. You can even find UV protective shirts that are perfect for swimming, so you can enjoy your extra UV protection in the pool, in the ocean, or on a boat. 

Can Any Item of Clothing Block UV Rays?

Can you toss on a regular cotton shirt and hope for the same protection? The short answer is no.

Cotton has a loose weave compared to UV protective clothing. A typical cotton shirt (or cotton blend) is going to offer a UPF of about 5, which is significantly lower than what UV protective clothing offers. 

There are some fabrics that have a tighter weave that can provide more protection from UV rays. However, we’re talking about fabrics like denim, which aren’t ideal for a hot day in the sun. The same goes for thicker items of clothing, like heavy jackets and snow pants–again, they’ll protect you well from UV rays, but you won’t want to wear them to the beach. 

Where Can You Find High-Quality UV Protective Clothing?

When you’re trusting an article of clothing to protect you from the sun, you should always do a little bit of research before making a purchase. Is the company reputable? Have they tested their products to ensure that they offer the advertised UPF?

Once you narrow your options down to reputable companies, start looking for items of clothing you’ll really want to wear. It’s helpful to pick clothing that has a good fit so that you don’t have too many gaps or loose areas that might let in the sun. It’s also nice to pick clothing that will work well for the environment you’re wearing it in.

For example, UV protective clothes aren’t just for hot summer weather. You can also enjoy a UV protection hoodie when hiking or spending time outdoors in the crisper seasons.

How Can You Maximize Your Protection from the Sun?

As we’ve mentioned already, UV protective clothes go a long way toward protecting your skin, but they aren’t the only line of defense to use. Pairing your UV protective clothing with other methods of UV protection is the best way to stay safe in the sun.

Even if you’re donning a UV protective shirt, go ahead and use sunscreen on the covered areas of your body. That way, you increase your protection and, if you decide to take off a layer or two, you’re not exposed.

You should also wear a hat to protect your head and increase the shade around your ears and neck. Sunglasses are also crucial when you’re spending a ton of time outside. Your eyes are sensitive to UV rays, too, and UV protective sunglasses can lower your chances of vision loss or eye-related disorders.

Remember, UV rays aren’t an issue only when the sun is “out.” Even on a cloudy or snowy day, you’re still exposed to harmful UV rays. Take the necessary precautions when enjoying nature.

Optimize Your Sun Protection With UV Protective Clothes

It’s important to spend time outside in nature and even enjoy the sun. However, it’s just as important that you protect your skin from the damage caused by UV exposure. UV protective clothes are a great line of defense against UV damage and work wonders when paired with other protective methods.

Looking for more ways to stay conscious of your health while you get the most out of life? Take a look around for tips, guides, news, and information that will help you to protect your health.

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