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What is ETH casino and how does it work?

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What is ETH casino and how does it work?

ETH crypto casinos: what is the reason?

Ethereum casinos operate as a separate Internet resource, the operation of which is provided by special software. Some sites operate on their own software, while others buy or rent it with the ability to make changes to the conditions of the game. It is the software that manages the game and acts as the dealer with minimal human intervention.

Advantages of Ethereum casino

The main advantage of the Ethereum casino is anonymity, which is ensured by the decentralization of digital currencies. Thanks to this, users can make absolutely anonymous bets and receive income that is not taxed. In addition, this does not tie the player to a geographic location and allows you to legally participate in games even for those users who live in countries where gambling is prohibited at the legislative level.

Most services require a minimum of personal information for registration, designed solely to protect the account, and there is no need to enter bank card and account information at all.

Another reason for the popularity of online Ethereum casinos is the minimum fees for instant transactions for depositing and withdrawing funds. Familiar electronic systems charge 3-5% for financial transactions, and blockchain technology provides highly secure transactions with a dynamic commission, the cost of which can be changed depending on the required confirmation speed.

The volatility of the cryptocurrency exchange rate also plays into the hands. In the long term, this promises an increase in winnings when converted into a dollar equivalent or an increase in the rate without additional deposits of funds to a deposit account.

How to start playing?

By its principle, the work of Ethereum casinos is not much different from ordinary ones. To start the game, a new user must first register. This usually takes only a few minutes and requires only a minimum of information:

  • Email or phone number;
  • login and password for the account;
  • full name and country of registration;
  • account currency.

Blockchain casinos may require less information. For example, sometimes to register on such sites, you only need to specify an invented login and password. After creating an account, you need to deposit funds into the account for the game. At this stage, you should also pay attention to the bonus offers offered by the site. In most cases, new customers can count on an increase in the first deposit and several subsequent ones, as well as free spins.

As mentioned above, there are also Ethereum casinos that allow you to start playing without investments. After registration, a new player is usually credited to the account with a small amount of cryptocurrency (100-1000 satoshi), which he can use for betting. Or the user can collect free Satoshi once or several times a day on the built-in faucet. In these cases, you can start the game even without replenishing your account.

When participating in bonus offers, be careful and study the conditions of the promotion. As a rule, the funds received as a bonus cannot be withdrawn from the platform until the conditions for their wagering are met. That is, the amount of bonus money must be wagered several times in the machines before it can be withdrawn.

The range of games in the Ethereum casino is no different from the traditional ones. Each player can find interesting entertainment in the catalog – there are:

  • slots from leading brands,
  • roulettes,
  • card games,
  • scratch cards,
  • lotteries.

How to beat the casino: winning strategy

You can become a professional player and turn gambling into a permanent income if you approach the game process with the same attention as work. Of course, beating the casino is quite difficult, but Ethereum casinos offer solid bonuses for depositing funds, which gives players additional chances without financial losses.

Casinos offer an increase in the deposit by a certain percentage. For new customers making their first payment, this figure can exceed 100%. When registering at the service, be sure to familiarize yourself with the offered bonuses and conditions in order to be able to use them to your advantage. Before playing, carefully read the terms of the bonus. The receipt of most bonuses is accompanied by wagering conditions, only after reaching which the withdrawal will become available.

Most often, you can meet the need to make a certain number of bets before withdrawing. To withdraw an increased deposit, you should not succumb to the excitement and make the minimum bets the specified number of times. This scheme works especially well in games with a standard game strategy and the smallest loss – Poker or Blackjack. For example, in a game of Blackjack with six decks, only 0.5% of the profit for the casino is initially laid.

Ethereum casinos do not collect personal data from players, which makes it possible to create an infinite number of new accounts for systemic repetition of actions.

Professional players use individually developed game algorithms, but most of them resort to the following betting systems:

  • Martingale system. It is based on a certain sequence of actions, which boils down to the initial choice of the minimum bet, increasing each next bet and returning to the minimum in case of winning.
  • Fibonacci system. It is built on the Fibonacci sequence, which has been known since ancient India. It consists of numbers, where each subsequent number is obtained as the sum of the two previous ones. The bet must be placed on an equally probable event. If we lose, we make the next bet in the amount of the previous two. If we win, then there is no need to return to the original bet – we cross out the two previous values from the number series and make a bet in the amount of the third number from the left.


Online casinos for Ethereums have been around for a long time. Many of them conduct licensed activities and fair play, which is confirmed by payout statistics and visitor reviews. In order not to fall for scammers, you should choose time-tested and user-tested resources, pay attention to the platform rating and reviews, and in the case of cooperation with a new casino, make the first deposit minimal.

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