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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Styling Bangles

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Styling Bangles

About Styling Bangles

When it comes to adorning your delicate arms, bangles are always the first choice. From 80’s fashion to current trends, bangles have caught all glory over the years. They are probably the pieces that have been adding effect to your arms for ages. If you are set to flaunt these timeless pieces, let’s find everything about them in this article. 

Wonderful Bangle Designs to Get Obsessed With

When it comes to gold bangles, you have endless designs to spoil your fashion sense. Gold bangles designs are preferred for their versatility. You can wear them anywhere, anytime, with any outfit. Here are some contemporary gold bangle designs to inspire you: 

  • Floret Gold Bangle. 
  • Jali Work Bangle. 
  • Ruby Bangle.
  • Lace Gold Bangle. 
  • Weaving Wind Design Bangle. 
  • Kada Style Bangle. 
  • Diamond Bangles
  • Gold Bangles with trinkets. 
  • Oblong Cut Bangle. 
  • Subtle Seam Bangle. 

Well, that’s not all. There are more surreal options to get set your eyes on. To find more designs check out www.melorra.com. 

How To Choose the Right Bangle 

#1. Consider Your Skin Tone:

Though there is no hard and fast rule on what bangle type one should wear. Buy paying a little attention to your skin tone and bangle metal color can make you achieve an ethereal look. 

For warmer skin tones, yellow gold and bronze plated bangles are known to compliment beautifully. While with cooler skin tones, shiny silver bangles are good to go. And rest those with neutral skin tone are free to experiment with different metal colors to find their perfect match. 

#2. Choose One Metal

Remember when layering bangles using too many different metals at once can steal away attention from your arms. It could make you appear overdressed. Moreover, it tends to appear to be subdued. On this note, it is advisable to go for single metal. It will lend you a clean and more stylish look. The same implies to bangle design as well. It is always preferable to limit to one or two styles at a time when stacking bangles. 

#3. Consider Occasion: 

For everyday wear, you should look for designs that are durable and feature minimal design elements. Likewise, when choosing bangles for office wear focus on being minimalist. Opt for sleek, classic designs that coordinate well with your professional look. While for festivals, weddings, or night parties, you can go for chunkier, embellished designs. But one important rule that you should remember is if your outfit is heavily detailed, it is better to stick to simple, basic bangle designs. Alternatively, if your outfit is smooth and subtle, then you can go for thicker and flashy designs.

Summing it Up 

Lastly, make sure that your wrist doesn’t look overcrowded. Sleek designs with premium quality are always good options if you are aiming to wear your bangles for the long term. 

I hope these helpful tips make you rock your bangle look. Hence, next time when shopping for bangles keep these tips in mind. 

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