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How to Be More Fashionable: 8 Tips for Men

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How to Be More Fashionable: 8 Tips for Men


With more than 80% of the U.S. population dealing with self-esteem issues, people are finding ways to combat them.

Self-esteem issues can be experienced by both men and women, and they often deal with appearances and health. If you are a male and want to improve your confidence, one of the best ways is through fashion. 

Continue reading to learn how to be more fashionable and attract the attention you want! 

1. Maintain Your Facial Hair

Learning how to be more fashionable will involve more than just your clothes.

If you want to look and feel good, you must keep your facial hair and hygiene under control. Many people recommend lining up your beard or mustache to help clean up your face. Having well-defined lines will make clothing look better on you and affect your overall appearance. 

If you aren’t sure about how to shape your facial hair, see a professional for help and get their opinion. 

2. Get a Tailored Suit

One of the most important tips for men’s fashion is to invest in a tailored suits.

Getting a suit tailored will help make you look more professional and presentable. Although it is easy to just buy a suit off the racks and wear it to an event, if it doesn’t fit properly, it can have negative effects. When a suit is too small or too large, it can mess with the dimensions of your body and look awkward. 

A tailored suit, especially in black, is ideal for nearly any formal situation. Whether you are going to a wedding, funeral, or formal event, you will have a nice suit that can be customized with ties and different colored shirts. 

3. Accessorize 

When it comes to men’s style tips, you must consider accessories.

Accessories can make a good impact on your appearance, however, keep them under control. Too many additions to your outfit can look distracting or they might clash with each other.

A nice and reliable watch is always something good to have. Many men are using their glasses and blue light glasses to accessorize and add a component to an outfit. You can also consider wearing ties, pins, and pocket squares for more formal events. 

The great thing about accessories is that they can dress up simple outfits and make them look fashionable. As long as you keep them to a minimum, they will make a bold statement and draw attention. 

4. Utilize Color

The best way to improve your fashion game is to add more colors to your closet and drawers.

Different colors can make bold statements and show that you aren’t afraid to display your personality. Not only can you wear your favorite colors, but you can also stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of everyone around. 

Many professionals recommend getting suit jackets and dress shirts in a variety of colors. Do your best to find colors that will go with other items in your closet, but make sure that you don’t end up with the same color scheme. 

If you want to add color to your outfits in a simple way, consider getting different styles of ties, button-downs, and shoes. 

5. Improve Your Shoe Game

One of the first things that people notice when they meet someone new is their shoes.

Improving your shoe game can have a dramatic effect on your fashion. You can click here for Adidas shoe options or check out formal dress shoes to match your suits. Having a variety of shoes will help you be prepared for every scenario and improve your confidence.

Make sure that you keep your shoes clean and replace them when they start getting worn down. If you aren’t sure of what style of shoes to buy, take a look at current trends to gather some ideas. 

6. Invest in Good Jeans 

Finding the best clothes for men can be difficult. When it comes to jeans, you must take the time to find a good pair. 

Having a good pair of jeans that complement your body shape will go a long way. Fashionable jeans can be found at stores like Buckle, Nordstrom, or Levi. Instead of getting a straight cut of jeans, look for pairs with a slim or relaxed fit that will go well with your shirts. 

7. Show Your Personality 

When it comes to improving your fashion and style, you must not be afraid to show your personality.

Showing your personality will put a unique twist on outfits and make them your own. You will feel more confident knowing that you are being true to yourself and displaying your style. Many people show their personalities through fun patterns, colors, and textures of clothing. 

8. Dress for the Occasion 

If you want to be more fashionable, you must always dress for the occasion you are attending.

Formal events require formal outfits like suits, tuxes, and vests. You should take time to put together a nice outfit that fits you properly and make you look clean and professional. 

When you are heading out to party with friends in town, consider dressing down but still looking nice. A good pair of jeans, shoes, and a nice shirt can look great. Keep in mind that it is typically better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. 

Learn How to Be More Fashionable 

Even as a male, it is important to learn how to be more fashionable in today’s society.

By utilizing this game, you can upgrade your look and impress everyone around you. Appearances shouldn’t mean everything. However, following these tips will help give you confidence and capture the attention of others. 

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Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine as you create a unique look that is one of a kind. 

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