Look for Qualified Professionals when you see these Problems in your Microwave

Every home utility appliance or gadget in your house does come across technical or functional snags at some point of a time in their lifetime. Same is the case with Microwaves, be it Convection, Grill or Solo, it is very natural to get complications while in use. So what do you do in that case generally? You either replace them or get them repaired. There are times we are so much frustrated with continuous faults and repairing that at some point of time we end up replacing it with a new one. However, this is not possible always, if your microwave is not so old or you are not in mood to spend in purchase of a new one. This is when we look for repairing firms, technicians and servicing engineers who can give good repair service to our microwaves. For Delhi NCR denizens, whether you are looking for Microwave repair in Ghaziabad or Microwave repair in Delhi, or any other close by cities of national capital region, always look for qualified technicians for long-lasting solutions. Technicians who are reliable and have good experience of giving Microwave repairing services at reasonable charges.

General Problems We Face in Microwaves
Very popular kitchen appliance, Microwave like any other home appliance too can fail while in operations in its lifetime. Some of the common faults are:

Does Not Heat
Not heating is the commonest problem in Microwaves and the reason most of the time is magnetron failure. Magnetron burns out when oven is turned on when empty. Magnetron can’t be repaired hence need to replaced. Other probable causes for not heating could be faulty diodes, capacitor burn, transformer failure and defective door switch.

Stops Intermittently
Faulty door switch, damaged transformer, defective touch pad and broken fan motor are the possible reasons behind oven stopping after running.

Buttons do no Work
If the touch pad and the control panels are defective or broken then the buttons will not work. Even the main control board could be the reason of buttons not working.

Plate does not spin
Probably, if the motor is worn out or burned then plate inside the oven does not spin. Motor has to be replaced in this case. Even if the main control board is defective, this problem emerges. Also, check the touch pad and control panel if they are on working condition if plate is not spinning.

Light-bulb does not turn on
When you try to operate your oven if the light-bulb does not turn on, means it could be fused. Even if sockets and wiring is not correct this issues can be seen. Also, check the main control board for this issue.

For all the above conditions, you might need a qualified technician for durable and lasting solution. It is always better that you avoid opening the appliance on your own unless you are qualified in the field and take the service of repairing firms, professionals and servicing engineers. Delhi NCR has a big community of service engineers and technicians offering professional services. Whether you need to replace the spare parts or need simple or complex repairing the city will not disappoint you in restoring your Microwave. The brand could be any from LG, Samsung, IFB, Kenstar, Bajaj, Whirlpool, Koryo or any other, all you need is give a call to a reliable repairing and well trained professional for immediate solution. You will get best and reasonable repairing services all over Delhi NCR, available just a call or click away.