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Things to Do in Tacoma at Night

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Things to Do in Tacoma at Night

Tacoma is popularly known for the opportunities it provides to relax and unwind. This third-largest city in the state of Washington is highly rich in providing enjoyment and luxury when it comes to shopping, restaurants, and even resorts and spas. That’s why you’ll have plenty of things to do in this city at night, whether you are a resident of this city, or just visiting it.

If you decide on a place to live with your family, it’s important that the place offers an ample amount of opportunities for your social life and entertainment. And that too not only during day time, but also during night time too. A city that offers many activities and opportunities to enjoy the nightlife must be a very intriguing place to live in. The reason is very simple. Very few people get to enjoy their time during the day due to their jobs or other responsibilities.

Nighttime is when people can really enjoy the time all by themselves, or enjoy it with their family and friends. So, it’s important to have enough opportunities and activities to enjoy your nightlife in the place where you’re thinking of settling in. Tacoma will offer you the opportunity to enjoy your nights to the fullest. There are so many fun and enjoyable activities in Tacoma that you can engage in. We will talk about those throughout this article. Due to its buzzing nightlife, moving to Tacoma can be really exciting.

Let’s have a closer look at the things that you can do in Tacoma at night.

Destressing and Relaxing at the Olympus Spa

The Olympic Spa is a popular place in the city of Tacoma. You can go there to get rid of your stress and have a relaxing time after a long day of work. You can hit the spa at night after you’re done with your day’s work and have a comforting and enjoyable time all by yourself or with your friends.

This spa offers different professional services that will fulfill your relaxation and de-stressing needs easily. Their services range from body scrubs to Korean massage. You will need to pay 38 USD as an entry fee while entering this place, and in return, you will get the chance to use their mugwort herbal well, hydro herbal bath, mugwort steam, mugwort herbal well, earth energy sauna, and herbal dry sauna rooms whenever you want. This place usually remains packed with customers, so it’s important that you book a reservation 2-3 days in advance.

Entertaining Yourself with Cinema

There is a luxury movie house in Puget Sound called the Century Point Ruston & XD, where you can go to enjoy a movie night with your family and friends. This movie theater will provide you with the best digital experience, as it features the latest modern technology of the industry. You will be able to sit in reclining movie seats in this theater while watching movies, which will provide you with the best position to enjoy your movie while eating popcorn or other foods or beverages. What’s better than enjoying the night by watching a movie with your dear ones?

Bowling at the Pacific Lanes Bowling Center

The Pacific Lanes Bowling Center is a perfect place if you want to have some relaxation and enjoyment after a long and hectic day. You can go there with your family and friends, and people of all ages can go bowling in that place. This palace offers a cheap rate for bowling. where you can go in proper bowling dress up like bowling caps, bowling t-shirts and all. You might also be able to join the occasional competitions and fundraisers of the bowling center from time to time.

Shopping at the Tacoma Mall

The Tacoma Mall is the largest shopping mall in Tacoma where you can indulge yourself in shopping until you don’t have a cent left to spend. You can get almost anything and everything in that shopping mall, so you can easily go there to shop for yourself or your family and friends. If you don’t feel like shopping, you can just go there to roam around the mall and do window shopping. There is a wide variety of stores and restaurants in that shopping mall that can cater to your various needs. This mall attracts visitors and residents alike.

Having a Laugh at the Tacoma Comedy Club

Tacoma Comedy Club features many talented comedians that come from all over the state and the country. After a long and tiring day, you can hit that place at night so that you can have some laughs, and make your heart feel a bit lighter. You can also enjoy delicious foods and drinks in that place while laughing your heart out at the pieces created by the performing comedians.

Fulfilling Your Meat and Pasta Cravings at the Marzano Italian Restaurant

Tacoma features a wide range of restaurants that you can visit with your family and friends to have a good meal and enjoy the time. You can visit various restaurants depending on the type of food you are feeling like having. Among them, the Marzano Italian Restaurant is particularly popular because it provides authentic Italian cuisine. Their offered delectable dishes will satisfy your cravings to have Italian foods, like pasta, or other meaty items.

Ending the Night with Nice Drinks and Dancing

After you are done with your spa session, movie night, shopping, comedy club hour, or fine dining experience, you can end the night with a good drink. You can get a nice drink or two with your friends and loved ones to end the night perfectly at places like The Mix or the Doyle’s Public House.

Especially, you can have a great and happy hour at the mix through drinking, singing, and dancing. This service bar serves microbrews, domestic beer, wine, and premium liquor. You can quench your thirst for alcohol there while enjoying the music that plays on its Touchtunes jukebox. And the most impressive of all, you will be able to join Karaoke nights after 9 pm, and sing your heart out to forget all your agony and despair for some time.

Similarly, Doyle’s Public House is known for its great imported whiskey, scotch, beers, and foods. It also offers a soccer television. This bar is known to be the best whiskey bar in Tacoma, and one of the best bars in the USA, according to Esquire Magazine. You can enjoy the mesmerizing aesthetics of this bar while drinking that features beautiful and warm dim lights. It stays open till 2 am, but the happy hour stays from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Final Words

If you choose to live in Tacoma, you won’t have to worry about your nightlife at all. You will be able to enjoy your nights to the fullest if you don’t feel like sitting at home after having long and hectic days at work. No matter what activity you choose for yourself and your friends, Tacoma will offer you the opportunity to do so in an enjoyable manner. So, you can decide to settle in Tacoma without much hesitation. And to move to Tacoma comfortably, you can contact a good moving company that will help you deal with moving all your belongings conveniently.

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