Are you looking for the most suitable dress shoe for the coming masquerade ball?

Are you confused amongst your shoes for the first date?

Well, such occasions are pretty common in everyone’s life, especially when you belong to the male gender whose fashion taste is a bit overrated. When you walk in the footwear section, you look for the best mens shoes manufacturers since you compromises can never be done on the part of shoes. It is believed that your first impression becomes everlasting with a gracious shoe.

But not knowing which type of shoe you are choosing, it will be completely futile to even buy the costliest and the most stylish footwear from the shop. Even if you will are looking for the best-branded sports shoes for men, you need to know the type of shoe you are buying.

So, let’s put you out of the dilemma and concentrate on the various types of men’s footwear which have become quite popular over the years.

This type of shoe resembles the old English footwear and hence is considered as the shoe of eternity. Its style and charisma will never fail to entertain the audience and hence is considered to be the best choice for every occasion. Here, the facing of the shoe is stitched and the design is said to closed lacing. The main advantage of such lacing style is the tight enclosure, which provides a narrow and streamlines silhouette of the feet. You will options from leather to suede in the general wears and from dark brown to black leather in the business class.

Aldo, Allen Edmonds, and Brugo Magli are some of the best men’s shoe manufacturers in the world, manufacturing the Oxford shoes.

During the late nineteenth century, this derby shoe was considered to be the best choice for sports or hunting. It was only in the 20th century that people started wearing this shoe even in the cities and the towns. Now, Derby shoe is one of the best choices that you will have even if you are looking for the branded sports shoe for men. Here, the face stitching is placed on top of the vamp and hence is known as open lacing.

The derby shoes can also be considered as the informal version of the Oxford shoes. Derby brogues, chunky derbies, and derby boots are a few types of the derby shoes that you will generally see in the showrooms.

The monk strap shoe is almost similar to the Oxford shoe type with the addition of the wide leather strap fastened on the other side of the shoe instead of the eyelet closure. You can have two different monk-strapped design- a single fastener or a double fastener with a buckle. You can also consider it as the sandal with a covered-toe region for better grip. It is neither formal nor it is too informal for you not to wear to any occasion.

Florsheim Belfast, Red Baker London Rovere, and the Wolf and Shepherd Gambit are some of the best brands for the monk strap shoes.